Divorce is hard on children. No matter how hard you try, things will inevitably change. One thing that should not suffer after your divorce is your child’s education. Fortunately, there are ways to work with your child and former spouse to ensure that education continues after the divorce. Below are three of the ways you can keep your child’s education on the right track after divorce.

Pick the Better School District

When the divorce occurs, at least one parent will move out of the house. It’s important to make sure that your child has some kind of continuity of education after the divorce. If you are able to do so, make sure that your children are able to attend the better of the two school districts when one parent moves away. This might mean establishing a primary residence with one parent, but it’s usually better for the child’s education. With a little help, you can start to guide your child to a better education.

Keep the Same Expectations

One of the more difficult parts about raising children after a divorce is setting expectations. It’s not unusual for one parent to try to be the “fun” parent, letting the kids do what they want so that they will remain loyal. If you want your children to succeed in school, though, both parents have to have the same expectations when it comes to education. A child can’t learn if only one parent is helping them to succeed in school. Make sure you have a discussion about what you want from your children in school and how you will go about achieving those goals.

One particularly difficult part of setting adequate expectations is implementing proper empathy and understanding. While you want your child to succeed, you don’t want to push them so hard that their feelings get hurt while they’re vulnerable. On the flip side, you don’t want to give them so much leeway that they aren’t learning. A great way to find this balance is by offering help with homework. It allows them to have someone to lean on while they get their work done. Divorce is always hard on children, but it doesn’t mean they should be allowed to give up on future success because of it. Keep up the encouragement!

Put the Kids First

Above all else, make sure that the kids are always put first. When children are put in the middle of a divorce, their grades suffer. If you don’t already have a good custody lawyer, make sure to hire one. Even if your divorce is amicable, it’s a good idea to have a professional on hand to help settle disputes. Fight less and talk more – and if you can’t, have a firm like Kelm & Reuter, P.A. handle things. If you can give your kids the support they need, they’ll be able to succeed.

Make sure to make your child a priority after your divorce. Don’t put yourself or your child in a position where he or she has to suffer just because your relationship has ended. While it might be hard to work with your former spouse on this, it’s worth it if your child has a chance to learn.