Summer is always bright and shiny, so are our pieces of jewellery. It is time to be glamorous, as we shed off from our winter outfits. It’s a golden opportunity to gather new pieces of jewellery and show off your collections that match every outfit you wear. Bright colours will look more fashionable and vibrant. To have a great impact you can either go with colourful and oversized accessories or bright and delicate pieces of jewellery. Here we talk about several eternal fine jewelry pieces to make your summer shine:

Maritime Jewelleries

Summers are always connected with the beach. It is the perfect vacation time to spend on beaches. Also, we are free from all extra winter outfits, ready to get exposed. At this point, we can’t fail to think of accessories inspired by the sea and ocean. There are several nautical pieces of jewellery you can pick from including pearl, and coral jewellery that add oceanic vibes to your summer look. However, our all-time favourite sea-inspired pieces of jewel will be the one in pearl for sure. Please install the Mellora app to get classic designs in pearl jewellery for this summer. Pearl can be incorporated into your pendant or earrings to match the summer suit.

Citrine jewels

Summer and sun have an unparallel bonding, hence we can’t overlook jewellery in Citrine stones this summer. This is considered the brightest piece of jewellery among all gemstones. You can’t fail to think of at least one piece of Citrine jewel in your collection if you want to stay in the summer state for a while.

Rich Gemstones

Bright coloured gemstone collection will leave you crazy during summer. Stay away from all dark and pale jewellery pieces that are meant for winter. It’s time to shine in rich coloured gemstones that you can opt for your earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces. If you want to sparkle this summer choose a 6-gram gold earring designs from amethyst or pink topaz. However, anything in vibrant gemstone or a turquoise-coloured, gold jewellery shall be your companion till the summer ends.

Rose Gold Jewelleries

Rose gold is a perfect match for summer accessories as it can be associated with a sunset for its pinkish shade. Off lately, rose gold has become the trend in jewellery and you will find several options to choose from a minimalistic piece to a more prominent diamond piece crafted in rose gold. It has inherent warmth that syncs well with summer.

Yellow Gold Jewelleries

To complement darker skin tone, the best way is to use yellow gold. Be it a necklace, a bracelet, or a ring, this is the best way to look vibrant with tanned skin.

Drop Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Bracelet, Anklets, and Toe Rings

Anklet & Toe ring:  During summers we tend to expose more especially the body parts like hands, legs, ears, etc. since sandals are back in trend during summers, your legs and toes are no more hidden inside the socks and boots. Let your feet enjoy its freedom with some attractive anklet and toe ring collections.

Bangles:  Bangles are no more fashionable in summers rather bracelets have taken the place of bangles. You can go for some tiny initials at the centre of a gold or diamond bracelet to get a more sophisticated look. This will look more charming and unique in your personality.

Drop earrings:  They will give you more mischievous look for summer nights, especially if you are attending a wedding reception in summers. Select a pair of bright-coloured droppings that welcomes the mood of the season. Hoop earrings are always trendy regardless of the season. It can be matched with any kind of outfit with no doubt. It can vary in size and make you look more glamorous.

Now you have got some basic ideas to gather your summer jewellery. Go way beyond to fetch some unique collection this summer. To help you choose the right one, do not hesitate to take help from an experienced jeweller. Happy shopping!