If you are involved in a low impact, minor car accident, your car may appear as though it’s fine apart from a few scratches or minor dents. You may opt to not take it to an auto body shop or file a claim with the insurance company because of the minor problems. Unfortunately, more may have happened to your car during the accident than what first appears.

Alignment Issues

Front-end fender benders commonly cause alignment issues to occur. Misaligned tires may cause the car to pull to one side while driving. This can cause steering problems as the vehicle pulls. Alignment issues may also lead to uneven tire wear and additional difficulties with vehicle handling. After a fender bender, it’s always a good idea to get your alignment checked at a professional tire shop. If your tires are out of alignment, that could mean a lot of different things. For one, your tires will not wear evenly because they are not touching the road with equal pressure across the whole surface of the tire. You might consider getting the alignment fixed and having your tires rotated.

Bent Frame

Minor fender benders can easily cause damage to the frame of the vehicle. Though it may not be apparent, a collision repair professional can determine if the frame has been damaged. Bent frames are a serious problem as they can compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle. This may affect your vehicle’s ability to absorb shock during an impact and may negatively affect the deployment of airbags in a future accident. Having a bent frame is a big problem, so make sure to have a licensed, professional mechanic check it for you, should the need arise.

Electrical System Problems

Modern cars have complex electrical systems that run almost everything in the vehicle. Even minor accidents can cause wires to snap or loosen. Though electrical problems may not be noticeable initially after the impact, over time, these issues can cause an electrical short. This may lead to various components of your vehicle, such as the battery or alternator, not operating properly. When a short occurs, it can cause an emergency that could lead to costly towing or roadside assistance.

Potential Rust

Minor scratches and dents may expose the car’s underlying metal. When this metal is exposed to rain, snow, wind, or road salt, it can cause rust and can also corrode your car. Over time, the damage may worsen and may end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs. Rust can cause a lot of problems, so make sure to alleviate anything that might potentially cause rust to form on your vehicle. There are many ways to avoid rust on your vehicle.

No matter how minor the accident or how little damage your vehicle appears to have after a fender bender, it’s always a good idea to bring your vehicle to a professional auto body shop repair center. The professionals can check over all of the components of your vehicle to help prevent costly repairs or vehicle emergencies happening in the future.