Getting your car registered can levy you with heavy repair bill and cost you more than you have ever expected. There is nothing as disastrous as paying a frighteningly huge bill slipped by your car mechanic in order to get your car registered as per the legal norms for another year. You might have heard of rego inspection that ensures your car fulfills all the regular mechanical checkpoints successfully so that it is officially called roadworthy – which is to say you can drive it on road with best safety and performance standard.

In past, many of those who tool their vehicles for a pink slip registration failed to complete the test. Car owners get scared of taking their car for having it checked by an authorized mechanic as they think the process will not go smooth and will cost them a lot. This is true depending on how much service and maintenance you have done on your car regularly. Many past car check failures occurred because of shabby tyres and their poor quality and dysfunctional or impaired lights.

Avoid basic mistakes

Most of the time, neglect from car owners plays a big role in car check failures. It can be their tyres not complying with the standard tread depth which should be 1.5mm to a minimum scale. If cracks are too many or big, they are likely to be rejected as per rego inspection rules and regulations. Veteran mechanics often suggest getting your car checked not just for the purpose of passing the legal test, but also to maintain appropriate safety standards. Saving money and time should not be the first priority when you park your car at any qualified mechanic’s shop.

Whenever you observe the problem, fix them as thoroughly as possible so that you will not see an eye-popping bill slithering in your hands later.

Quick inspection will not go a long way

In order to avoid too much spending, folks fall for short tricks and have their car checked for just quick inspection that will cut them time and money. This will not work in a long run and eventually increase both cost and risks of road accidents. A veteran authorized mechanic can give you expert advice about how to take care of all the components that make your car perform to the best of its capability and efficiency. Quick inspection will let one’s car go approved even though it is not that healthy on the basis of bad motives like quick money making scheme. These cars will be easily rejected in rego inspection test.Because of safety purpose rego inspection test is required for all cars.

From brakes, suspension, wheel alignment to safety and engine efficiency, there are many factors that need to be examined properly. Here are primary aspects of car service you should focus on:

Rego inspection

Rego inspection


All the Lights used in your car needs be checked for cracked or damaged lenses or faded light problem. Fog lights should function properly. Also check the lights for Indicators and number plates. Take a good look of brake lights and observe its performance as you operate the brakes pedal. Even the replacement for headlight bulbs or indicators will not cost you more than $10-$12.

Tyres can make your car retire

Shabby tyres drown you in big bills and can prove your car is not roadworthy. When you make sure they work fine, you can increase safety standards and reduce its operational cost.

Check if tyres still have valve caps that keep them free from grime and other weather effects.

Air pressure in all tyres has to be kept to appropriate level, not more and not less than needed. Pay once-a-month visit to a competent car mechanic to see if they are precisely inflated to support your drive on the road.

Wheel alignments

When you try to steer the wheel, there should be speed and torque distribution. If wheels are misaligned, the whole mechanism will be out of balance, resulting in a dangerous situation. Rego inspection will mark this point as well and may put your car in the list of rejected ones.

Fluid analysis

The level of brake, coolants, and lubrication oil and windscreen wash fluids should be optimized to right levels. If there is any fluid leak, it is not a good omen especially when it is getting legally checked for weak points.