Most of us have had a job, at least once in our lives, that was less than perfect. Maybe the pay was poor, but the hours were good or the work was hard, but the pay was higher than average. Other times, we just have to take a job because it’s the only one available until something better comes along.

Have you ever had a high-risk job or have you ever been injured while at work? Even if the wages were above average, was it worth the risk and the pain you suffered? If you worry that your job may not be a healthy fit for you, here are some indicators that your job may be toxic to your health:

Safety Procedures Need Work

Whether you work at a desk and in front of a computer all day or use a forklift to move inventory in a stockroom, there should be safety plans in place at work. A safety plan can include how to perform first aid, instructions on how to use safety equipment, how to file for workers’ compensation if you’re injured, or simple ways to avoid a work-related injury.

If your workplace has an outdated safety plan, seems to be missing vital information, or doesn’t have one, your job could be hazardous.

Workplace Morale is Low

Every now and then we might have a group of coworkers who have bad attitudes about work and try to bring everyone else down with them. More often than not, a group of negative employees can indicate something bigger. When workplace morale is low due to budget cuts, mandatory long hours, or some other reason, productivity plummets, and the environment becomes unhealthy.

While many businesses hit rough patches, the employers who try to keep workplace morale up are more likely to bounce back more quickly.

You Don’t Want to Go to Work

If you wake up in the morning and don’t want to go to work, it’s a natural feeling as long as you feel it every once in awhile. Once you start waking up on a daily basis with a pit in your stomach or dreading the idea of heading to work, chances are that your job is not healthy for you.


Does your boss constantly remind you of a deadline coming up or are you so bogged down by your workload that you feel like you can’t get out from underneath? Workplace stress is unhealthy and although common, if left unmanaged it can cause many health problems like cardiovascular disease and even lead to violence.

You Feel Unsafe at Work

Are you trying to remember the last time there was a long streak without a work-related accident at work? Do you struggle with a musculoskeletal disorder, but your employer hasn’t provided you with ergonomic office equipment to prevent further damage? Are you being threatened by a coworker or worry that someone will try to hurt people?

Your workplace should be a safe place and your health and safety should always be valued. If your needs are not met and you feel unsafe, it’s time to start searching for a healthier and safer job.