The market of WhatsApp is undoubtedly a big one compared to its rivals in the free messaging services that are available in the smart phone platforms at the moment.

There are more than 40 percent of Dutch Smartphone users that have a music application on their Smartphone installed, according to the latest research of Telecom paper about mobile apps in the Netherlands. Music apps, like Spotify and iTunes, are precisely popular among teenagers and reached over two-thirds of the age group in March 2015. This has even grown out big in rumour series of Smartphone and this is the reason people are getting wild on the Galaxy Note 5 Release date.

The quarterly consumer survey found that the most popular app in the Netherlands remains WhatsApp, installed on almost 9.7 million Dutch smartphones. This penetration did rise to about 88 percent of Dutch smartphone users in March 2015 from just over 82 percent in April 2014. Although WhatsApp is still gaining popularity in the overall market, the app shows a small decrease in its share among teenagers in the past six months.

Snapchat meanwhile is growing steadily, especially among younger people, and reached over 1.7 million installs in the Netherlands in March 2015. The number of smartphone users with Snapchat installed on their smartphones grew almost three-fold over the past year, to reach nearly 16 percent of all Dutch smartphone users in March 2015.

The Dutch Apps Market report looks at consumer use of apps for communication, instant messaging and social networking. Data is split according to the total market, mobile providers, age, gender, education level, pre/postpaid and type of OS (Apple and Samsung). The report is based on the continuous survey online that was conducted by the Telecompaper Customer Panel.

After noticing the Dutch App reports on the ongoing Snapchat growth, it can be considered as a threat for the WhatsApp application in a way. As in, it may start conquering the market in the country among a selective group of people and then aim at reaching to the other category of audience and thus increasing its market slowly in other countries too.  Not to forget that major companies like Facebook has started its journey in US first and later spread to the other countries. If this is supposed to happen, it is sure that the belief of threat on WhatsApp market is going to come true within no time.

However, WhatsApp is trying its best to conquer in the market and thus trying to make its place strong in the market. They have been even trying to make new smileys as a feature to the Whatsapp Status. It has introduced its journey in Web and also introduced free voice calling. Media reports say that it is going to introduce the video calling service for free. If all these things gain a pace in the users of WhatsApp, it is sure that it is going to make a strong roots in the internet market like Google making the competition monopoly. It will be interesting to see the journeys of these two giants in this competitive market of internet to spread their wide range of audience. As of now, both of them are successful on their terms in getting the popularity. Rest will be seen in the future.