The innovations of the Internet have brought a level of interaction among society that can fulfill a need within someone. It’s a way to allow anonymous comments to be made without repercussions to the individual posting such. It’s also a method in which millions of people around the globe center their lives around. Aspects of social media can propel one to greatness, or consume one to the point of not caring about real life.

Instead of working for a better life for themselves and their family, many will center themselves around the activities on his or her favorite social media site. Whether you can be addicted to video content or chatting with friends while playing games on Facebook, it can easily consume you. Are social media sites utilized more as a crutch in order to fulfill a need within someone?

social-media1. Interaction – For many people in the world, it may be difficult to make real friends. Humankind is a communal species for the most part. It is in our nature to live together in a collective group. When one feels as though he or she is void of that feeling of importance, they turn to methods that help them fill that need. In today’s world, that need is easily fulfilled by interactions on social media sites.

Some people have a hard time making first impressions or have feelings of worthlessness while in social gatherings. Social sites remove the awkwardness of interpersonal first impressions and make it easier to interact. While this isn’t a problem, it is still not addressing the core of the issue that he or she may have with personal interaction.

2. Importance – Everyone wants to feel important to someone. Social media gives a person the chance to be recognized and possibly admired. YouTube is full of users that are just looking for someone to talk to in order to create a connection of some kind. While others may tend to use these sites to promote entertainment, these people just want to connect on a personal level and feel important. In their attempt to make this digital connection, others subscribe or favorite the content as the fans can relate to what is being said on the video.

3. Desperation of Interaction – Social media shouldn’t be viewed as a place where the lonely hang out while online. It can be a great method to keep in touch with friends and family. It’s also a popular method for many businesses to relate to customers. It’s when your life revolves around being happy while using the social site is when it becomes a problem. If you’re thoughts learn towards personal harm because someone you’ve never met suddenly “unfriends” you on Facebook, then you really should seek professional help. This isn’t meant to be disparaging, but you may have problems that you need to face before it escalates.

Social media sites in and of themselves are not evil entities looking to swallow your soul. However, you may want to utilize them in moderation. Although they can be a great source of interaction, humans need more of an interpersonal relationship in order to become fully whole. You may be happy as a hermit in the general populace, but don’t you miss having companionship of some kind? Don’t forget to look up from your screen once in a while…life may pass you by faster than you may realize.

Rachel is an ex-babysitting pro as well as a professional writer and blogger. She is a graduate from Iowa State University and currently writes for She welcomes questions/comments which can be sent to @