PSN codes are the most hyped topic in the gaming industry that is often taken in predicament by the gamers across the globe. Most of the PlayStation owners frequently find themselves in a position where it becomes an overwhelming job for them to determine whether it is a scam or legit. The below section is designed to answer all of your questions regarding the legal status of free PSN codes.

Is It a Scam or Legit

Service providers that claim to generate free PSN code often look like legit to the gamers. Many of them also create YouTube videos to show the world how they can generate codes for free. PSN codes are a combination of numerical and alpha characters. In their videos, they exactly deal with this type of numbers and use it as a bait to attract more and more PS owners to their website.

This type of tutorial video comprehensively covers from generating codes to redeeming it. Their main purpose is to giving confidence to the candidates and making them fall into the trap. After converting a visitor into an active participant they send them a link and ask them to download the RAR file from the URL they have given. During this period the candidate gets redirected to the survey page.

This is the main window of opportunity for the service providers that offer the code generator. Whenever someone completes the survey thoroughly, the service provider makes money. Most importantly, you will also find that the codes that you have generated during the process are not working. Meanwhile, you will also end up downloading some virus on your PC.

It is not rocket science to understand the fact that we rarely get something for free. So it is fair to conclude that this is a scam and the best way to get PSN codes is by paying real cash.

Spotting a Scammer’s Site

Not all the sites are spammy out there. Finding an authentic PSN code generator is not as hard as it seems especially if you know how they are distinct than the fake ones. In the below section we will reveal the guidelines that will help you to spot a code generator spam:

  • If you see that the service provider is proudly introducing themselves as a free generator then it should be enough for you to understand its worth
  • If you get asked to share the site
  • Also, avoid the site if it uses terms like code hackers, generators, give away codes etc.
  • If you get asked to verify that you are human
  • If the site takes you to a survey page in the name of verification
  • If the survey page asks you to fill more information than just your email ID or name.

By following the guidelines mentioned above you will be able to distinguish easily a real site from the bunch of fake ones. So this is all about free code generator scam of PSN. Hope the post will help you to not being a victim of another modern day cyber spam. To know more regarding this feel free to leave us a mail.