Mobile number portability has given telecom users the power to use their connection the way they want. The users are no more bounded in the network just to keep their existing number with them. They can now port their number to a provider that offers better services and offers.

With the coming of portability, competition has also increased in the telecom market. All this leading to billions of offers and discounts on Mobile Number Portability.

There is so much good about portability. But then, how do you know if you really need portability or the current connection is best for you?

Here are some points that can help you judge if portability is the right thing for you.

  1.  Are you travelling to a different State?

Why would anybody like to spend tons on roaming when they can simply port their number online? Even when it’s for a few months, if you are planning to settle out of your network then you must consider porting your number as a good option. The only thing that to need to keep in mind is that the minimum time to keep the ported number is 3 months. So if you planning to go out for 3 or more months than just log on to an online portal like and start your porting process then 5 minutes it will take.

  1. Are you tired of the shifting 4G/ 3G/ E signals on your phone?

If your phone network keeps shifting from 4G to 3G or lower internet bandwidth, then it’s the time for change. You are paying for your internet speed and there is no reason that you should compromise on the same. If your telecom provider is not able to provide the desired internet connectivity then there can be chances that your network provider is not functioning very well in your area. You can port your number to a network that can provider better connectivity in your area.

  1. Are you paying more than what you should?

If you are paying much more for your bills or recharges that you expect then you should consider exploring other telecom service providers and the plans. A lot of times there are many Prepaid Number Offers or affordable postpaid plans that other TSP can offer.

There can be chances that you are paying for the things that you are not even using. Look for the plans from other providers and choose a plan that fits best to your needs.

To have a look at all the plans and compare them, log on to You can easily port to Airtel, Vodafone or Idea here. All the prepaid/ postpaid plans are listed on this website.

  1. Do you get appropriate customer services?

One of the very important thing that top telecom providers focus on is the customer care services. Your network provider should be able to provide assistance whenever required. Top network providers like Vodafone and Airtel have created their own app to ease out the process of bill payments and account management for customers.

If your network provider is not able to provide assistance or customer support when you need then you should shift to a better network.

There can be more reasons. In any of these cases, porting the number is a wise decision. Just log on to the website and follow the 4 simple steps there for MNP. You don’t have to visit any physical store for this. Our executive will deliver the SIM on your doorstep and will also help you activate the SIM at your home.

Port right away to get free home delivery.

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