Just imagine this scenario. You’ve packed your bags, booked tickets to your favorite destination. You are all happy and excited when the thing that you were dreading the most occurs. Yes, you’ve guessed it right. I am talking about your periods. Only in times like these, you wish that you popped some tablets that can delay your menstruation cycle. Well, going against the natural way of the body can be okay once or twice but regularly delaying the periods is harmful.

What are Period delaying tablets and how do they work?

Also known as Norethisterone tablets, these are pills consumed by women to delay their periods on important occasions.

The tablets contain a chemical compound known as Norethisterone which is a man-made version of the female sex hormone, progesterone. This compound prevents the shedding of the lining of the uterus by keeping the progesterone level artificially high.

Take your first pill three days before your expected start of the period. These tablets delay the periods until three days after you have taken your last tablet.

Never overdose these pills as these are very high. Suppose you have skipped a dosage, and forgotten to take the next. It’s okay just move on to the next.

Types of Period Delaying Pills:

Period Delaying Pills

  • Phasic pills- There are 21 pills in the whole course which you need to consume. In a pack, there are two to three sections of colored pills. One pill is taken per day for 21 days followed by which, no pills are taken for a week. One thing that needs to be kept in mind that these pills need to be taken in the correct order to achieve effective contraception.


  • Mini pills- These pills only contain norethindrone. These need to be taken daily for 28 days. In the first 21 days, you take active pills followed by taking dummy pills for a week. In order to delay the period, avoid consuming the dummy pills and start taking active pills from a new pack immediately the next day.

You must know that period delaying pills are not similar to birth control pills. People believe that both the pills are taken for the same purpose. But the functions of both the pills are entirely different.

While period delay tablets only delay your period, they are not contraceptives. On the other hand, birth control pills are taken to restrict pregnancy so that you are unable to conceive.

Are there any side effects to taking these pills?

No two women’s bodies are the same. While for some there can be no side effects while for others, there can be some. Some of the common side effects of taking these pills are listed below-

  • You develop rashes throughout the body
  • You feel dizzy
  • You have headaches
  • You are unable to retain fluid
  • Your hormonal levels are not balanced
  • You suffer from jaundice
  • You gain weight
  • You feel bloated
  • Your breasts become tender
  • You develop acne
  • You feel nauseated
  • Your mood is disturbed
  • You have reduced sex drive
  • Your blood pressure is high
  • You suffer from migraines
  • You develop asthma
  • You have heavier bleeding than normal

Is it safe to delay periods

Gynecologists say that using period delaying piles for once is normal. However, this should not change into a habit of using taking these pills regularly as these can suppress the natural menstrual cycle of the body. This can give rise to other problems such as irregular periods. Doctors ask women to use these pills when it is extremely important and go back to the normal routine as soon as the purpose is served.

Gynecologists ask their patients to consider the following points before taking a period delay tablet-

  • It is okay to delay your period by consuming progesterone tablets. But consuming it quite often can result in irregular bleeding.
  • You don’t know how these tablets can affect your health. So it is better that you try out these pills in a week which is not very important.
  • Doing something out of the way of normal course can be harmful. So, don’t opt for these pills until it is extremely important.

Final words:

Talk to your doctor if you want to delay your period. As each body is different, pills can have some side effects on some women. It is best if you don’t assume anything all by yourself. Before taking the pills, discuss the matter openly with your gynecologist. He/She’ll be able to prescribe you better. There can be some other undetected condition which can delay your periods. If you have skipped your period, visit your gynecologist without wasting any time!