In case you’re planning for a wedding ceremony and have been reading wedding magazines, then most probably you’ve come across statements saying that ‘your wedding photographer must visit the venue before the day of the wedding.’ While most couples think that this is a good move because their photographer will have a chance to scout the wedding venue and make proper arrangements. However, in reality, it’s a piece of bad advice nonetheless.

The idea that ‘wedding photographers should visit wedding venues beforehand’ is one of the most popular wedding myths in the 21st century. To assist you in understanding why it’s a myth as well as a bit of bad advice, we have created this comprehensive blog post that you should go through in its entirety.

The Back Story 

Back in the day, when digital photography wasn’t discovered, wedding photos were churned out of photographic films. And photographic films were lacklustre & had very limited functionality, which is the reason why most wedding photographers, in the earlier times, used to shoot fewer photos per wedding. Thus, these photographers used to undertake multiple wedding appointments on a single day since they would have a lot of time on their hands.

But, with the introduction of digital photography, wedding photographers nowadays have become much more creative than ever before. According to a Surrey wedding photographer, the bar for wedding photography is reaching new heights every day and that has only become possible with digital photography.

Wedding Photographers Must Visit The Wedding Venue Beforehand – Why Is It A Myth?

Since photographic films had limited functionality, the wedding photographers had to check out the venue beforehand so that proper arrangements could be made for shooting better photos (such as lighting, shadows, best spots for photos and so on). But, in today’s market, digital photography has made that requirement almost obsolete.

There’s so much you can do with digital wedding photography and with the addition of various photo editing software such as Adobe Lightroom, Lumafusion or Pixelmator Pro, wedding photographers have now a range of tools at their sheer disposal. As a result, your can expect every wedding photo of yours will look magnificent.

Beyond The Myth

Apart from being a myth, it should be known that wedding photography is all about capturing moments as it happens. If you hire a skilled wedding photographer, he or she will do everything in his or her power to ensure that your wedding photos tell a beautiful story. An experienced & skilled photographer will always know which spots to choose for the best portraits, which lighting to go along with the present mood of the wedding couple and so on.

Thus, it’s an exciting challenge for any adept wedding photographer that you’ll be hiring. The idea of figuring out things on the go is what makes wedding photography lively and unadulterated. Even if your wedding photographer will be performing documentary-style photography, then also there is no need to visit the venue beforehand.

The only time when visiting a wedding venue beforehand makes sense for a photographer is when you hire an inexperienced or old-school photographer. Otherwise, it’s a dated concept.

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