Recently, you received a job offer you couldn’t refuse. Unfortunately, accepting this position required you to move your family for the fifth time in the past six years. Due to a lack of desirable homes for sale in your new location, you moved your family into a fixer-upper. While your new place is spacious, it lacks charm and character. If you can relate to this scenario, consider the following ways to make your home a welcome place to be.


Paint Interior Walls


One of the easiest ways to transform the look of a home is to paint its interior walls. When shopping for paint, choosing light, bright hues is a smart idea. Besides making your home look cheerful, opting for light, paint colors can make it appear larger than it really is. Using illusion to make your home look more appealing than it actually is what it’s all about. After all, no one really knows the difference and if they do notice, they probably won’t mention it.


Install Hardwood Floors


Are the floors in your home worn, stained, and dated? Perhaps, you believe the allergens in your carpet are negatively affecting your health. Regardless of the reason you desire new flooring, consider installing hardwood floors. These beautiful, classic floors look amazing in every style of home. Putting down hardwood floors can instantly update your space and give it an upscale appearance.  Hardwood floors can also increase the value of your home when it’s time to sell.  This is always advantageous when entering the housing market.


Invest in New Garage Doors


When remodeling a home, many people overlook an important feature, their garage doors. Some companies, like Shank Door, know that replacing your garage doors can make your home stand out in the neighborhood. To add timeless elegance to your dwelling, think about installing arched garage doors complete with a beautiful, stained finish. Mahogany, oak, and walnut are all great choices. If you gravitate towards modern designs, you might want to purchase gray garage doors. Don’t forget to accentuate your new garage doors with stylish hardware.


Build a Deck


Do you live to entertain? Make guests to your home feel welcome by building a spacious deck. A deck is an amazing space to host backyard barbecues, birthdays, and weeknight dinners on. Having a nice place to gather together is worth its weight in gold.  Especially if you love to entertain guests. Decks also make homes more attractive, and they can also up the resale value in some cases.


Install a Banquette


To make your home more inviting, creating a breakfast nook is a wonderful idea. If you have an unused corner in your kitchen, install a stylish banquette in it. Your family will likely enjoy eating their oatmeal, cereal, or scrambled eggs while comfortably siting on this lovely feature in your home. If possible, install your banquette near a window for optimal, natural lighting.


Home is likely where you spend much of your time. Therefore, you probably wish to make it look spectacular. If you’re ready to transform your space into an inviting oasis, consider implementing the aforementioned five tips.