Settling an estate is always a difficult process, but inheriting unusual items that you don’t know what to do with can make it more complicated still. If you’ve recently inherited something you have no idea how to handle, you’re far from alone. Here are a few of the odd possessions you might come into in an inheritance and what you should do with them.


It’s far from unusual for people who have never owned a gun to acquire one or more as part of an inheritance. If a relative has left you a firearm, the first thing you should do is ensure you are legally permitted to possess it. A local gun store will be able to advise you and help you get any state licenses you may need. After that, you can sell the firearms or keep them as collector items.

Disabled Vehicles

If you inherit an entire estate from a deceased relative, there’s a chance that old cars that have been waiting years for repair could be included. The first step in handling these vehicles is to find their titles or register replacement titles. From there, you can scrap or sell them. If, however, the repairs needed are minor, it may be worth it to get an old car running again, especially if it is an antique vehicle.


One of the most difficult things to inherit is a loved one’s pet. Unlike objects from an estate, pets experience the loss of their owners. If at all possible, try to take the pet or pets your relative leaves you in as your own. If you absolutely can’t, ensure that they get a loving home where they’ll be taken care of.

Decrepit Property

In the process of inheriting an estate, you may discover that your relative has left you a piece of property that has been left or neglected for years. This is especially common with relatives who have family roots in more rural communities and may have inherited a family farmhouse at some point in their lives. If you inherit such a property, the choice of whether to repair it is entirely yours. If you do, you may be able to turn it into a rental property and generate some revenue from it.

If you’d rather not deal with it at all then you can also consider selling the property off to a business like The Property Whiz or someone similar who has the skills necessary to flip and resell it.

Musical Instruments

If your deceased loved one was a musician, you might suddenly find yourself in possession of any number of instruments and other pieces of musical gear. If you have a musical bent yourself, of course, it’s probably wise to keep them. If not, though, you can learn to play yourself or pass them on to younger relatives who might be inspired to make music with them. Instruments are very personal things, so it’s best to keep them in the family if possible.

Figuring out what you should do with unusual items in an inheritance is rarely easy. If you do run into something you don’t know how to handle, never be afraid to ask for opinions from friends or other family members. Take time to weigh your options, since in most cases you’ll have plenty of time to make up your mind.