The sliding gate is installed in both residential and commercial property to have an efficient entry into the. In compare to all the other gates installed at the entrance, the most functionally different and effective gate is the sliding gate. In this type of gate, the gate crafters use a new and innovative style opener called “Cantilever”. The Cantilever gates never touch the ground. Instead, they ride on rollers that are attached to the bottom part of the gates. The rollers run on metal tracks or channels to open and close the gate.

The design is quite revolutionary and also brings in complete safety. At the time of opening the gate moves in a sideways manner. Basically, moves from left to right and stands parallel to the fence line.  This style is very simple to install and best serves the purpose of safety.

The steps to install a sliding gate in a property:

Beneath are the installation steps of automatic gates in residential or commercial property:

  • The initial step is similar to the installation of a swing gate. The gate is simply mounted on the posts
  • After the process fixes the rollers at a desired height above the ground.
  • Slide the gate in its actual place.

Advantages of usingsliding gate

Following are a few advantages associated with the usage of the sliding gates:

  • User-friendly

The crafters of this sliding gate are quite innovative in designing the gates. They are available with different curves and distinctive features according to the customer’s desire. For residential property the gates are made completely different, just very simple and sober. On the other hand, the gates used for commercial property look wise quite industrial. The gates have a hidden “tail” that is not visible but is behind the walls which help to extend the length of the sliding gate.

  • Minimal space requirement

The sliding gate does not require much space like the swing gates. These sliding gates run on the metal channels and on the backside of the ending line i.e. fence line of the property. The main thing that must be noted that the property whether commercial or residential should have more width than depth. There are no restrictions for space while installing a sliding gate.

  • Resilient Materials

Among all the security gates, the sliding gates alternately called as rolling gate are commonly designed for the commercial properties and home improvement. The material for constructing a sliding gate must be quite strong and of high strength so that it does not compromise on any sort of security. The best material used is the aluminum alloy which is quite long-lasting and look wise quite beautiful.


Every coin has two different sides. The same way where there are advantages for installing a sliding gate then there are some disadvantages as well:

  • The gates may cause little friction on the metal tracks or any sort of seasonal obstruction may arise like snow, water and a large number of leaves on the track obstructing the movement of the rollers.
  • Any sort of debris could obstruct the path and it needs to be quickly cleaned or else the gate would not close. This could be a major downfall for the sliding gate.

The wheels fixed beneath the gates helps in the movement so easily. The ground tracks help to hold the gate in proper alignment when it opens and closes. The rolling wheels are located at the ground level so it may be subjected to some premature wear and tear and damage. Regular maintenance is required for safety purpose.