Tattoo quotes are still extremely popular. Inspirational quotes bring long-term motivation as they are a permanent and meaningful message (generally) and look great too.  If getting a tattoo is on the to-do list, know that getting a quote can be inspiring as there are a multitude of encouraging quotes to satisfy any personality.

Whether they are positioned on the arm, wrist or the back, quote tattoos can be small or big and help cultivate much-needed motivation. If you are looking for a perfect quote tattoo this year, here are some incredible ideas that will surely take positive affirmations up a notch.

“This Too Shall Pass” Quote Tattoo

There are moments in life where we all need to be reassured. And the inner self is the best one for the job. This inspiring quote is usually placed along the collarbone. However, it can also be placed somewhere more visible to the wearer to act as a reminder that negative experiences will fade. “Still I Rise” Quote Tattoo

Life can tend to get us down, but it is up to us to pick ourselves back up.  Inspired by one of the most popular poems of Maya Angelou, this quote can bring great motivation to keep on moving forward.

“I Was Not Built to Break” Quote Tattoo

Are you finding it hard to cope with a tough phase? This quote reminds people that they are stronger than they think they are. I teach us a great lesson to love and respect ourselves more. Whether they are positioned on the arm, wrist or the back, quote tattoos can be small or big and help cultivate much-needed motivation.

“Without Struggle There Is No Progress” Quote Tattoo

This quote will well suit  people who face adversity regularly yet continuously work through it for the better, though the more casual  s “no pain, no gain” quote will suit someone with a more informal disposition.

“Family” Quote Tattoo

Tattoos with the word “family” seem to be perfect for new mums and remind us of the importance of the family in life. Thailand tattoo artists and others across the world make the best use of this with the infinity symbol and add an extra flair to turn a simple tattoo into something extraordinary.

“Breathe In, Breathe Out, Move On” Quote Tattoo

Meditative mantras can be highly centering and healing. Letting go of the past is undoubtedly tough, but this quote tattoo brings helpful insights when stuck between would have and should have.

“Never Give Up” Quote Tattoo

Whether the quote is placed on the ankles or the wrist, these few words can give the biggest motive when we need it the most. The ankles make a great position for this tattoo as a quick reminder when we’re looking down and not up. Inspirational quotes continue to be popular for tattoo choices as a motivational reminder.

Tattoo quotes are simple but very powerful motivators. . You may be wondering how much is a tattoo in Thailand or anywhere else? Small tattoo quotes can be some of the cheapest but first it’s good to understand the significance of the quote.