Many of us sometimes feel that our lives are spinning out of control. We answer to a boss we don’t like and come home to a house with a large mortgage we have to pay. It can often feel like we’re not in charge of some of the biggest decisions in our lives. But life doesn’t always have to feel like that. There are some simple ideas you can try to help you feel like you’re back in control of those important things in life.


If it seems like your days are spent doing someone else’s bidding, you might feel quite powerless at work. However, now is the time to stand up and take some action. You don’t need to wait for your next performance review. Ask your boss if you can have a ten-minute chat. You can request extra responsibilities. Or perhaps you would like to recommend some new ways of working. If you can identify the benefits to the company and staff, your boss should be delighted about your initiatives.



A big mortgage can put a lot of pressure and strain on you to keep the roof over your heads. However, refinancing can put you back in control. You might choose to extend your mortgage to bring down the repayments. Or you could find a cheaper interest rate with another bank. Agreeing a stricter budget with your family can also help relieve the worry that you won’t be able to cover costs each month. Sometimes just drawing one up can help set your mind at ease that you are in more control of your money.

End Of Life

As time passes, it is common to worry about what will come in the future. One particular worry is about our end of life preferences. You might have chatted with your spouse about it before. But it can be better to have these things in writing. You may worry your spouse will not cope alone. Arranging and paying for your funeral arrangements now is one way to ensure there is no burden when you pass. You can check out Lady Funerals to see how this might work for you and your family. It can certainly help take the worry out of the future.



Many people believe that a positive outlook in life helps maintain good health. Whether this is true for you or not, maintaining your health is essential to a positive outlook! You are in control when it comes to choosing the right foods to eat. You are also the only person who is going to make you get up and exercise. Drawing up a diet and fitness program for yourself is a great way to feel more in control of your body and your health. You can find lots of programs online to follow if you’re looking for a good place to start.

Life certainly does have a habit of throwing us curveballs. But you can feel that you are in control of your life by taking control of the things you can. Think about what’s worrying you most. Then you can take charge of the solutions.