As a boss, it’s easy to pin productivity problems on your workforce. But is it really their fault? After all, you have hired them, and it’s you that should inspire them. If you feel there are some improvements to be made in your business, then why not try a different tactic? The following tips are some ideas that can help you boost productivity in your workforce and get them working harder for your company.


Provide A More Creative Environment

There are plenty of ways to inject more creativity into the workplace. The first one is the building that you use as your office. If it’s rows and rows of closed off desks with everyone in their own little world, then it’s not a creative environment. Instead, think about open counters where people can bounce ideas off each other. Try placing some artwork around the place, or some good literature that people can read to get them thinking. Improve your office lighting. Take a look at BSC Custom to see some ideas of how light and architecture can be intertwined to create a talking point. The idea is to give people the impression they are working for an artistic and creative environment. It can encourage them to think better and work harder at what they do.

Improve Your Employee’s Health

A healthy workforce will work harder for you, make better decisions, and take less time away from their jobs while off sick. There are plenty of things you can do to encourage better health at work. Try getting fruit bowls to dot around the office. It’s a healthier alternative to vending machine snacks, and they won’t have to stray too far away from their workspaces when they are hungry. Also, encourage them to take up more exercise. Perhaps you could give them an hour a week to go to the gym, or start a work’s sports team?

Train Them

Training your employees is a cost-effective way of getting more out of them. How? For starters, they are already working for you, so know your company from the inside out. That means you can promote within, and not go through the expense of hiring and training a new member of staff. Secondly, if you provide opportunity, the vast majority of people will feel they owe you one. They will work harder for you, and pay you back any cost of the training in spades.

Be A Flexible Boss

Here’s an interesting statistic. If you aren’t a flexible boss, then employees are three times more likely to quit their jobs and look elsewhere than if you are flexible. That’s a lot of bodies to replace, and a lot of time wasted on training. So, be more flexible – allow your staff to work from home every now and again. Be aware of their childcare responsibilities – and of what’s going on in their private lives. A lot of this stuff can cause worries while your staff are at work, which, naturally, will lower their productivity levels.

Have you experienced any great ideas that have boosted productivity in your workplace? Let us know, and we’ll get right back to you.