If you recheck your contract with your landlord regarding the office lease, you will realize that you have to decide whether to renew or end the lease months ahead. You can’t decide to end the lease a week before leaving. The violation of this agreement might lead to legal troubles with the landlord.

The primary reason why you have to inform the landlord well in advance is that the place needs to go up on the listings again. The landlord needs to find someone else to occupy the space when you’re not there anymore. It’s impossible to find someone to replace you if you only provide notice a week before leaving.

The landlord also has to check the place and take time to determine if you will receive your full deposit. It’s possible that you won’t get the entire amount if the site isn’t in good condition or the landlord has to deal with the expenses related to repairs.

If you have no time to deal with repair services, you can request a company to come over and do the job. Apart from repairs, you also need to maintain the cleanliness of the place. It’s not acceptable to leave it as it is since it’s disrespectful to the landlord. Besides, the landlord will spend money to hire a cleaning company. It’s better that you decide which end of tenancy cleaning company to partner with. You can negotiate the price, so you won’t have to spend a lot. Check out www.twinkleclean.co if you’re looking for a cleaning team now.

If you plan to employ the services of anyone who is not a certified professional, that company can cause even bigger damages to the location. A properly certified cleaning company that employs experts and works professionally can give you peace of mind when you are about to hand over the property back to the property owner.

Do you know that over fifty percent of all security deposits are not refunded in entirety when it comes to commercial leases? This is because the property owner can exercise his discretion if he finds the place to be not as how he had handed it to you. The amount that it will take to fix it up will be what the owner will decide. In most cases, the owner marks up the price astronomically and makes deductions from the security deposit amount.

Leave on good terms:

The landlord was good enough to allow you to stay in the same space for years. Without that office space, your business wouldn’t have blossomed to where it is now. Cleaning the place and providing notice that you’re going to leave soon are simple steps you can do to please the landlord. Besides, it’s possible for you to cross paths again. You need to have a good relationship in case of any potential future transactions.

You also need time:

You need to give time for the landlord to look for a replacement tenant, and you also have to look for a new place for your company. Given the office space locations available, it might be tricky for you to choose the right place.

You need to consider if a new office is big enough. Check the price since you still have other recurring expenses for the business. Once you have found the right place, you need to reserve it immediately before another company takes it.

Your employees need time to adjust. It helps if you give them ample time to pack their things and move. Therefore, you need to inform them about the decision to move soon.

Ask for an extension:

You can ask your landlord for an extension if you don’t think you will be ready by the end of the lease. You might have to pay an extension fee to allow you to stay for a few more days.