Prajwal Badal is a community development graduate and the editor-in-chief of Inform Nepal who has been exploring different effective methods to bring out the community-level issues which mostly is not highlighted by the mainstream media and cater to the young audiences of Nepal. He saw a gap when it came to this area in Nepal and founded Inform Nepal. According to him, a mainstream news media company covers a huge range of topics and areas but the quantity of the posts buries the most vital issues. Young audiences are usually not interested in sites with huge banners of only political and finance news. A mental health issue is not given as much importance as a political category. When it comes to community development, it is a combination of several topics such as gender mainstreaming, social inclusion, community education, community health, disaster and rehabilitation, sustainable development, and many more. Finding such topics highlighted by a news site, however, is almost rare to find. The goal of mainstream media is mostly seen to make as much revenue as possible with the information they cater to. Most of them even opt-out for clickbait titles for most sensitive news.

Inform Nepal is a different case. He realized how big the role of media is for sustainable community development. These days the majority of Nepal has access to the internet and mobile phones. The young audiences aged 17-35 make up the majority which means that they are on the internet on the lookout for something. It has also been found that many of them find it difficult to read the articles in the Nepali language as it sometimes has complex wordings. After constant brainstorming, research and experimenting, Prajwal Badal found out one of the best ideas that had finally worked. The experiment was done using the Instagram platform where carousel images were used with quality design to exactly provide the verified news like in the articles. The aim was not to generate any revenue but to make sure the audiences were interested and engaged with the current happenings of the community. His targeted audiences shared the posts so many times and the posts were saved way more than when he did the same with news articles. Clearly, audiences engaged more when they did not have to click the article to read the whole of it. “Articles can be mundane and people can easily lose interest, especially the young audiences,” he said.

Even though the idea is not sustainable to generate revenue and keep the company running, he is exploring ways to find other ideas to generate income to re-invest in his idea so that many will have access to such critical news and information, and through many, more will engage, talk and ultimately bring change that is necessary. He truly believes that to bring development to the community, the first step is to be informed, have a conversation about it, and share it with others. He knows that he can help many communities and people through this idea of his and it is really commendable to see the progress that he has made so far independently.

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