What Method Provides the Best Results?

When it comes to getting a tattoo removed, the safest and most effective option continues to be laser treatment.

More and more people are getting tattoos. While many people are happy with their body art, the rise in the number of people getting tattoos also means that more people are looking to get them removed. If you’ve been investigating this, then you will have come across a number of different tattoo removal methods – all of which promise incredible results. Sadly, not all of these are quite as good as they seem. So, let’s see which methods are best to be avoided, and which ones you can rely on.


It’s easy to see why so many people use tattoo removal creams. After all, you can apply them in the comfort of your own home, they are relatively cheap, and they promise to do the job painlessly. It sounds almost too good to be true – and unfortunately, it is. These creams are often useless and unsafe at their worst. A tattoo is too deep within the skin for a cream to be effective, and some creams contain chemicals that can cause burns and scarring.


A tattoo removal option that more and more people are turning to is dermabrasion. This involves your skin is exfoliated with a handheld device. Technically, as tattoos are in the dermal layer of the skin, dermabrasion could work. However, you would need to have many, many treatments for it to be effective, and as anyone who has over-exfoliated knows, this would be very painful. The skin damage could also lead to infection.


You’ve heard of skin peels to hold off aging – but now there are claims that they can remove unwanted tattoos too. A chemical peel encourages the shedding of a controlled amount of skin cells, so you are left with beautifully soft, unblemished skin. However, there is currently no kind of skin peel that is powerful enough to remove tattoos safely.


Next is surgical removal. Now, this will remove your tattoo – but at a cost. As you will have discovered during your efforts to remove yours, tattoo ink resides deep in the skin. So, any efforts to cut it out will mean a deep wound that will almost certainly result in scarring. That scar could then become discolored or thickened, leaving something that is even more unsightly than a tattoo.

Laser removal is the best

If you’re looking to get rid of a tattoo, laser treatment is by far your best option. When carried out by the professionals at Tattoo Removal Experts, laser treatment is the most effective way of removing body ink. It may take a little while, and the results vary with each person, but you’re much more likely to end up with great results – with little to no risk of permanent damage.

The right decision for you and your body

As you can see, tattoo removal isn’t as easy as some unscrupulous people and companies make out. However, with the help of trained professionals offering the best tattoo removal London has to offer, it is possible to say goodbye to your unwanted ink with laser treatment. So why delay? A whole new you, one full of confidence in their body, awaits!