Outdoor living places today have become very popular with the homeowners. Decking around the house popularly near the garden, adds a nice element to any space. With the many incredible decking solutions available for decking material, available in the market one is sure to be spoilt for choice. However it’s best to understand more about your choices of different types and materials before making that important investment.

Here are Some Great Places you could place your Deck:

  • On the front yard (as a closed deck)
  • Over your garage
  • A side yard
  • Nestled against a hill slope
  • A not so much used driveway

Here are Some Incredible Decking Solutions on the Types of Decks you can build

  1. Attached Deck: This decking solution is similar to a patio but raised and made of wood or composite material. These are ideal at the backyard of an ‘L’ or ‘U’ shaped house.
  1. Non-attached or Island Deck: These are quite similar to attached decks but as the name suggest, are not attached directly to the house. One of the advantages of this is that unlike a concrete patio it does not need the ground underneath to be smooth, it can be stationed anywhere in the property. One just needs to make sure they have steps or a path leading to it from the house.
  1. Multilevel Deck: It’s ideal for a large property. They are a series of decks often joined by walkaways at different levels. These incredible decking solutions are suitable when the land structure might be uneven and you might want to build on it while preserving the natural structure.
  1. Side yard decks: These are getting more popular these days as they offer a secluded, private area for a deck.
  1. Swimming pool deck: It offers a warm, inviting environment around any pool or pond and is a great choice to save swimmers from scorching their feet in the hot sun on the concrete.
  1. Rooftop or over the garage deck: These are great if you have a flat roof. However, installation can be a bit technical as one need to make sure the roof will be able to take the added extra weight of the deck. Make sure you get it checked by a structural engineer. This incredible decking solution offers superb views as well as much better privacy. An ideal place to sunbathe in the right weather.
  1. Outdoor Dining Decks: This is usually built as an extension to your indoor kitchen area as an external dinning space complete with a bar, grill and counter space. A nice space to socialize and have small parties.
  1. Wraparound Deck: These are similar to an outdoor porch though usually much larger.
  1. Nestled Hill Decks: This incredible decking solution provides awesome views of the valley however needs the right property location.

Decking Material Solutions:

Treated Wood:

These are the most popular decking solution in the building market because of their price and availability. The treatment helps the wood to be resisted to mold and rotting. They are usually treated as yellow pine wood. Some other popular varieties are cedar, redwood, Ipe etc.

However, they are being fast replaced by WPCs (Wood Plastic Composite) which offer much higher returns on the long run.

Composite or WPCs:

  • An incredible decking solution due to the fact that even though it has a higher initial investment requirement than natural wood. Its long term benefits far outstrip the benefits of natural wood.
  • Environmental: Made of a mixture of recycled thermoplastics (polythene or polypropylene) and wood flour.
  • No requirement for staining or sealing.
  • Available in a large number of colors and sizes.
  • Mold and insect proof.

WPCs are an incredible decking solution for building that awesome deck which will transform the look and feel of your house.