If you want to make sure your chances of falling pregnant are as high as possible, you need to prepare. Sure, some people get pregnant accidentally, and sometimes in no time at all. Other people take a lot longer to get pregnant. To be sure that you won’t be waiting too long to start a family, use these tips to increase your chances:

Know When You’re Ovulating

If you know when you’re ovulating, you have a much higher chance of getting pregnant. This is the time when you are at your most fertile, so if you can get down to business at this time, you increase your chances so much more! It isn’t essential that you do it at this time to conceive, but it will help your chances. You can buy ovulation sticks, and there are even apps and other gadgets that can help you work out the best time to conceive.

Eat Healthy Food

If you fill your body with rubbish food, you won’t keep your body a nice vessel for a baby to grow. The healthier your body, the more inclined a baby will be to grow inside of it. Make sure you eat healthy as much as you can, and stay away from takeaways and other bad foods. You need to stick to this when you’re pregnant too. None of this ‘eating for two’. You only need to up your calories a small amount, and that’s later on in the pregnancy. If you eat lots of rubbish while you’re pregnant, you run the rest of developing things like preeclampsia.

Remain Active

Get some exercise and remain active. Not only will this give you a higher chance of conceiving, it’s better for your baby too. You should remain active even while pregnant, so that you can bounce back to your former weight/shape and feel great again! It’s said that exercise also makes childbirth easier.

Control Your Weight

Hopefully, eating right and exercise will help you to control your weight. If you’re already at a healthy weight, make sure you maintain that. If you’re over or under weight, you can reduce your chances of falling pregnant. You need to make sure you’re not affecting your chances by carrying too much weight or not carrying enough.

Don’t Stress

Stressing can affect your body in many ways, and stopping you from getting pregnant is one of them. If you’re a serial stresser, take some time to relax and meditate.

See a Doctor

It may be necessary for you to see a doctor if you’re struggling to get pregnant. There might be a number of reasons you’re not conceiving, and a doctor will help you to understand more. Don’t panic; there are options for people who struggle to conceive, including IVF. There are ways every couple can have a baby, whatever their situation!

Kick Bad Habits to the Curb

You should kick all of your bad habits to the curb if you want to have a baby. Stop smoking, don’t take drugs, and cut your alcohol consumption right down. All of these things can affect your fertility if you’re not careful!

This guide offers the best methods to increase your chances of conceiving – good luck!