In Panic Mode? Feel Calmer in 3 Steps

When things aren’t going your way, it’s easy to lose your calm. One minute you have everything under control, and the next you could be feeling helpless. You can’t find a solution to your problems while you’re in that state of mind, which is why it’s important to manage your emotions and get your calm back.

Whenever you feel panicked, just remember these three steps:

Breathe Slowly

Your brain recognizes crisis mode as something that needs to be solved immediately. When the solution is not easy or easily available, that’s when you panic. Knowing that, the first order of business is to keep your composure and remind yourself that the solution might not be readily available, but you can find alternatives. While being on a fitness routine, make sure you maintain a journal for tracking your records. From adopting new fitness trends to achieving new goals…make a list of everything. Take out your pen and paper and list all the possible answers to your problem. Then, list the pros and cons of each one. Difficult situations are not impossible situations. You just have to slow down and look at the bigger picture rather than let your emotions get the best of you.

Recognize when You Need to Take a Walk

It’s not advisable to sweep your problems under the rug, but sometimes, it’s better to walk away from it to find a way to solve it. For problems that are especially hard to solve, give yourself a chance to take a break, maybe replenish your Korean skincare products or do a little retail therapy if you have the means.

Have your favorite dessert. All of these are allowed when you’re stressed, as long as these do not result in you permanently avoiding the issue. Come back to the problem with a clearer head, and be ready to solve it so that you can put it to rest permanently. There’s no heavier feeling than having one difficult issue weighing on your shoulders for a long time.

Understand that Some Situations are Beyond Your Control

It can be frustrating to deal with a problem and not know how to solve it. There’s a difference between a problem that’s hard to solve and a problem that you cannot solve by yourself. For example, you can find a way to improve your financial situation by budgeting your money wisely, but you can’t find a cure to a loved one’s illness if you’re not trained in the medical field. Both are dire situations but they need different responses. The former needs you to take proactive measures to protect your finances, while the latter requires understanding that some things are not in your hands. Knowing the difference will help you adjust to the situation instead of living in a perpetual state of panic.

During these trying times, it feels like there are more reasons to panic than there are reasons to be happy. While it’s admittedly difficult for everyone because of the health crisis, you can still separate yourself from the situation and find ways to live your life a little calmer. Focus your attention on living life day to day, and solve what you can, but try not to worry about things you can’t change.

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