Whenever you are traveling anywhere, there are certain unsaid rules and etiquettes which one is obliged to follow. And so definitely, there are certain rules when you are traveling by air. It is said that if you really want to know someone, you must pay attention to how they treat other people and how they treat their parents and of course how they behave when they travel. There are many people who end up making a fool by behaving weirdly while traveling. It could be by sloshing people through security lines or someone who is shabbily dressed or someone who is eating a fish sandwich.

The complex, unsaid and social code is for almost everyone. Therefore, if you do NOT want to look weird on your New Delhi to Bangalore Flights schedule, follow the below rules:

  1. Never ask if you can skip someone in the security line – Those security lines are put up there for a reason. And the reason is the security of the travelers. So if you have to skip someone, don’t ask anyone but rather try and make it to the airport on time. This would save you from all the embarrassment caused if you request someone to skip them in the security queue.
  2. Never ask a stranger to watch over your stuff – Even if you have an emergency and want to use the washroom, never ever ask a stranger to watch your stuff. Pick it up and run to the nearest toilet. No one is going to accept the responsibility for your stuff and even if someone agrees how would you trust that person. Besides, it would also be better that you also don’t watch over the stuff for strangers. While many people do so in order to seem nice but it is like calling in for prospective
  3. Don’t get mad if someone cuts your path during boarding – Yes, this is important to know. While you are traveling from New Delhi to Bangalore, you might notice that people are in a hurry to go and grab their seats, but they forget that the seats are already being allotted to their names so there is no need to rush. Besides, if you are traveling with one such passenger who cuts you amid boarding, fret not as you will hit your destination at the same speed.
  4. No hot food on a plane – Make sure that you do not carry hot food while traveling on a plane. Especially if it is from a fast-food joint. The highly identifiable odor is even more atrocious than the trapped smells of grease and meat. So if you do not want people traveling with you on New Delhi to Bangalore Flights schedule, die of suffocation, do not carry anything like that on the plane.
  5. Don’t carry a bag you cannot lift – This is very important to know. In case you are not able to lift your own baggage, do not carry it on. Rather put in the plane cargo. You might hurt someone in case you try to put the heavy baggage in the overhead bin.
  6. Don’t recline if you an economy passenger – Yes, in some planes, the economy seats do not have enough leg space so try and avoid reclining in case you are traveling in economy class.
  7. Even if you are asleep, you are still responsible for yourself – Be careful of how you sleep when you are traveling from New Delhi to Bangalore or any other destination. Some people have the habit of snoring and spilling and nesting the head on the shoulders of fellow travelers, please avoid that.