You need to buy a lawn mower to keep your grass in good shape, but how do you pick the best one? You can get a riding mower or a push-behind mower, depending on your budget. You can use a push-behind model for your lawn, but your wife and children cannot use the same. It will take a lot of bodily effort, and you will have to devote an entire day to pruning the grasses in your small garden. In this regard, choosing a riding mower is the best option.

Things to consider while you choose a lawn mower:

Lawn Mowers

Measure the lawn: You need to choose a mower that is appropriate for the size of your grass. For example, if you have a small lawn of less than ½ acre then you can use a push-behind mower. But, if you have a large-sized yard of more than ½ acre then you must go for a riding mower. It’s not easy to cover a vast, planted area, and you’ll need to spend more time mowing your lawn. A push-behind mower can cut 22 inches types of grass while a riding mower can prune up to 42 inches. You can complete your mowing task faster with a riding lawn mower.

The contour of the lawn: You must also examine the curve of your lawn in addition to its size. In this case, you should examine the condition of your lawn. You can find some tight spots, restricted areas, and obstacles on your lawn. Trees and bushes can block the movement of your mower. You cannot mow such areas with your push-behind mower, instead, you’ll need to invest in a riding mower with a variety of attachments to go into such restricted areas.

Check the slopes: Steep slopes on your lawn can damage your push-behind mower. You cannot use a manual lawn mower on uphill area, instead, you’ll need to use a riding lawn mower. You can use your riding mower uphill during the summer and you can use the cup holder of your mower for getting your refreshments.

Fenced lawn: If you have a garden with fences be sure your gate is the right height and breadth. You cannot enter with your 42-inch riding mower through a 32-inch gate. In this case, you can use a push-behind mower, or you can change your gate.

Lawn Mowers

Apart from the above points, you need to consider your landscaping needs while you choose a lawn mower. For example, you can use your land mower for dethatching the leaves or you can use your mower to cut the grasses to a certain level. Riding mowers can be the best option in this regard because you can find these land mower with various attachments. You can use their accessories for your gardening.


Electric lawn mowers are less expensive and more popular than gas lawn mowers. You can use an electric lawn mower for your garden. But, before you choose an electric lawn mower, make sure you know how long the cable is. For example, if you have a 5500 square feet garden then you can use a normal electric mower. For your large-sized yard, you need to choose a cordless electric mower or a riding mower. Cordless electric mowers are powered by rechargeable battery, and you can move them anywhere as per your needs. You do not need to struggle with their cord to cover up your large yard.

Make sure, that your cordless electric mower comes with an extra battery. You can look for such lawn mowers on the internet and pick the best one.

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