If you think sitting in your office chair for long hours won’t do any harm, think again.

With the amount of workload that we sometimes have, it’s easy to forget everything about proper posture and just slack off. Maintaining a good posture has lots of benefits that you are unaware of.

Below are some reasons why you should always practice proper posture at the work. 

  1. For Healthy Spine

Being actively conscious with your posture does not only improve how you look, but also helps you in maintaining a healthy spine.

You should never take your spine for granted as it plays an important role in your overall health.

It is important to have a  healthy spine for these reasons:

  • Being mobile and able to bend and twist. When you are injured, your mobility is very limited.
  • Ability to feel a different kind of sensations. The nervous system sends electrical impulses through the spine.
  • Normal function of digestive system. When you eat or drink, food or water travels down to your esophagus, then your stomach. Your spine is parallel with your esophagus.

Having a healthy spine also means a quality life. You can live your life to the fullest and enjoy every activity or adventures.

  1. Good Posture Reduces Risk of Back Pain

Have you experienced back pains recently?

It’s time to examine your posture.

Yes, you’ve read it right.

Incorrect and poor posture can lead to body pains, particularly back pain.Practicing healthy posture makes your spine stable and strong. Stooping, or slouching can lead to back pain as it strains your muscles and ligaments just to keep your balance, for this best posture brace roundup is the best option . Over time, poor posture brings stress on your spine that can lead to anatomical changes. As a result, you may feel back pain due to the constrictions of your blood vessels and nerves.

Lower your risk of acquiring back pain by practicing good posture at all times, especially at work. Since you sit for almost 8 hours every day, sit with proper posture and avoid hunching.

Here’s how to sit properly at your office:

  • Keep your back against your chair, with your head levels over your spine and shoulders taller.
  • Keep your knees level with your hips.
  • Your feet should be flat on the floor.
  1. Posture Influences How You Feel

Did you know that posture and behavior are connected with each other?

Our body language can affect how we feel and think. For instance, when you sit up straight, you are more likely to have better memories and even have better positive thinking. When you’re slouching at your desk, you tend to feel more tired and sluggish.

If you want a productive and energetic day at the office, watch out on your posture. Making a conscious effort to sit, walk or stand properly will change how you feel and put you in a better mood.

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  1. Good Posture Sets Positive Impression

If there’s one place that we would like to build a good impression, it’s the workplace. We’re always showing our best behavior and putting our best foot forward, especially if you’re a new employee.

One of the most effective ways of gaining a good impression is by having a proper posture. When you walk into the room, command respect by walking tall and proud. Avoid slouching or looking down as that creates an impression that you are shy and anti-social. By standing or sitting straight and properly, you send a vibe that you are professional, competent, self-confident and approachable.

  1. Right Posture Improves Circulation and Digestion

One of the potential factors of digestive and circulatory problem is posture. Our body is not made to hunch in front of the computer all day long. If you’re sitting incorrectly for the whole 8 hours of your shift, your digestion and circulation will certainly be affected.

Improve the digestion of food and circulation of blood in your body by practicing proper posture at the office.

It turns out, our grandmother was right all along. Having proper posture does not only improve our physical appearance, but our over-all health as well.