Hotel administration plays a critical role in hospitality as a function that is responsible for receiving guests and handling communication within the hotel. Hotel administrators are specially trained to oversee various hotel operations such as gust services, accounting, human resource and maintaining the facilities.

Education and Training

  • While all employees involved in running a hotel are essential, the quality of hotel administration services has a significant impact on the success of an establishment. As more emphasis is placed on the need for proper training and professionalism, it is advisable for anyone who wants to pursue a hospitality career to enroll for the required courses.
  • Well established hotels are always on the lookout for trained individuals who possess certain qualifications. Along with educational requirements, hotel administrators should display a number of personal attributes that enable them to perform their duties efficiently.
  • Hotel administration programs are designed to equip students with the skills the need to join entry level positions in the hospitality sector.
  • Students get the chance to learn more about different positions and duties in the hotel industry. They explore a variety of job opportunities and the requirements of hotels, lodges and resorts in regards to running the front office. Apply for a degree in hotel administration London.

Personal Qualities and Skills

The ability to be sociable, organized, disciplined as well as working well under pressure feature among the qualities that prospective employers consider. Good hotel administrators understand how people interact with each other and should be able to know how to fulfill different customers’ needs.

Individuals who can speak one or more foreign languages are highly sought after by international and large hotels. It is important for a hotel administrator to be an effective communicator who can accommodate a diverse group of guests.


Hotel administration duties are vast and include registering guests, tracking the requirements of guests and coordinating hotel services as guests arrive and depart. Hotel administrators may also be responsible for receiving enquiries as well as making phone and online bookings.

In larger hotels, it is common for hotel administrators to be present at registration desks from where they carry out their responsibilities. Working hours are dependent on the company with the shift system in both large and small hotels making it possible for employees to have flexible hours.

Hotel Administration Career

  • Hotel administration offers opportunities for career development. This is among the positions that form the basis for managerial roles in the future. Many hotels choose to hire people who are already aware of the internal system and front office operations as reception service managers.
  • Hotel administration staff can expect to interact with various guests and use computers to facilitate their work. They will be required to greet guests, address their concerns, accept reservations, check guests in or out and process their payments.
  • Considering the essential duties that hotel administrators fulfill, it is important for them to be highly organized and have the communication skills they need to interact with guests.
  • A hotel administration career is a fulfilling path for anyone who enjoys meeting new people, being hospitable and ensuring that people enjoy their stay whenever they visit an inn, lodge, resort or hotel.