The English Dream—For Some

Many in America don’t realize that the English have a bit of a “thing” for cowboys. You can see it on the BBC. Red Dwarf has an iconic episode that was filmed in England at an English “western town”. It’s easy to tell this wasn’t in the United States, as the western locale is replete with mud and other climate features defining it as a UK spot, not an Old West place.

At any rate, the “western” culture of America draws many Brits to the United States. Still more come for reasons of business, or tourism. Where do they often go? Well, if you’re from London, and you think “cowboy”, which State comes to mind? Texas, of course! Here’s the thing with Texas: it’s hot, and it’s dry—but it’s got some great whiskey.

That said, not all of Texas is arid. As you get to the south and east of Texas, it does get incredibly green, and by the time you hit Corpus Cristi, it’s even humid. But North Texas and West Texas are two things: hot, and dry. If you’re landing fresh from Heathrow, you’re going to walk out and feel your nose dry up pretty quick.

Maintaining Civility In The New “Old” West

Whether you’re only in Texas for a few weeks, or you’re starting a new life there, as an Englishman, it’s worth your while to seek out the right North Texas sinus doctors. These can help keep you properly healthy.

You don’t want to neglect your sinuses. When you grow up in a climate that’s always humid, dry, arid areas will dehydrate your whole head. It feels quite uncomfortable, and it can lead to nosebleeds. In some severe cases, this can lead to inflammation which ultimately ends up damaging you noticeably. You may even need a Dallas nose job when you’re done!

That’s a bit hyperbolic, but you get the idea. That said, there’s not much more “American” than a nose job, is there? The “new west” and the “old west”; they’ve definitely got a few differences!

Diverse Ideation

Something else Londoners need to consider in Texas is that the ideological morays aren’t monochrome. There is great diversity. Certainly there’s a preponderance of local citizens with characteristics favoring the Texan archetype. However, you’re going to find some strange outliers, too.

The big cities in Texas are Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Arlington, Corpus Christi, and Plano. The population of these cities varies from Houston’s 2.3 million to Plano’s 288k. As is the general rule in America, the larger the city, the greater the “global village” ideation of the populace. As you get to smaller Texas towns, that changes.

There is a fierce patriotism in Texas. The patriotism has two flavors: American, and Texan. Texan is primary, American secondary. The culture of Texas is: “Don’t mess with Texas”; you’ve likely heard the saying. What you’re not going to find much of is English politeness. However, you are going to see southern hospitality. It’s going to be a bit of a conflation.

However, one thing Texas definitely has is cowboys. They’re all over the place. Real cowboys pushing real herds of cattle across real rolling plains; just like in the movies. Well, at some ranches. Others are more industrialized, and the cowboys chase the beef around on four-wheelers. If you really want to go old school, you’ll have to get out of Texas and check out a place like Wyoming or Nevada.

Texas: Trend-Setting Western Americana

Texas is a lot more palatable than many other western states; there’s a lot more to do. Some regions of America’s west take a while to follow the rest of the trends in the country. Texas, meanwhile, retains its status as a trendsetting state; and right now, their economy’s great. It’s a place well worth exploring!