Problems in a home’s foundations can be very serious. That’s why it’s so important to know the warning signs associated with structural damage.

Bowing Foundation Wall

One of the first thing that will happen when a wall is under pressure, and the foundations are damaged is bowing. This is when the wall bulges under pressure. This will happen before any cracks appear, so it gives you a chance to have the problem fixed before the damage becomes too great.

Just because there are no cracks in the wall, that doesn’t mean that the wall is structurally fine. That’s a mistake that a lot of people make. The longer you leave it, the greater the chances are that cracks will start to appear and put your home at risk.

Cracks in New Walls

When you build a new wall, or you move into a newly built house, seeing a crack in the wall can be quite shocking and worrying. Surely a wall should be most secure when it’s only just been built. But cracks in newly built homes are actually not very uncommon, unfortunately. They vary in severity, but they do need to be fixed.

New homes are usually built rather quickly, and this can cause problems in the strength of the foundations. If it’s only a relatively small hairline crack, it’s fair to say that the house isn’t about to fall to the ground. But it could get worse in the future, so it is best to have a professional look at it.

Step Cracks in Block Wall

Concrete block walls are susceptible to step cracks. A step crack is a crack that follows the pattern of the blocks, creating a stepped appearance. If you notice a step crack, you need to examine the area and look for any horizontal cracks. Quite often, step cracks appear as a result of other cracks in the wall.

The cause of step cracks is often external pressure. So, have a look if there’s anything pushing against the wall from the outside. It might be the case that there’s a tree pushing against it or an insecure garage structure. These are problems that can be resolved pretty easily. The wall might still need to be stabilised to stop it collapsing if the crack is severe though.

Sinking Foundation

When a house’s foundations sink or drop, the consequences can be terrible. It’s easy to notice as you will see that one side of your house is sinking, it’s pretty hard to miss it! So, what causes this kind of problem? Sinking foundations are not normally to do with the foundations themselves. It’s usually to do with the soil.

When the soil around the house expands and contracts, it can cause the house’s foundations to sink. Sometimes, the problem does arise because the foundations aren’t laid properly though. The problem can be diagnosed and fixed by a pro though. The foundation repair cost can be kept down by shopping around and getting quotes from as many firms as possible.