Bathroom vanities are the central focus of every bathroom design. Some people like to keep them subtle and mellow, on the other hand, some like to go overboard with their bathroom vanities. Vanity units not only increase the quality of your bathroom space but also have a list of utilities. Choosing the right kind and size is a pretty trick for a layman. The bathroom fittings like faucets, taps and handrails get old-fashioned relatively quickly. This is where you should consult designers and renovators. Although they will suggest you a number of options, having some ideas to pitch in yourself will help them assess your taste and choice as well.

It is very important to think clearly from every angle possible. You have to keep a group of criteria in your mind before making the final choice.

Now, it’s time to guide you through the different bathroom vanities you can opt for.

  • Open Shelf Units: The old-school closed drawers and cabinets have become extremely rare in present times. Practically, it is difficult to always operate closed vanity units especially during the busiest hours of the day. Open Shelf Units have earned its fame due to the maximal utility and low space requirement. This not only makes your purpose easy and reachable, but also adds a tone of sophistication to the entire space. You can pile up toiletries, towels, essentials, etc. in here. Efficient décor ideas and skilled technicians can raise your eyebrows by increasing the cost of renovation but there are still some ways to complete the renovation work cost effectively and quickly.
  • Corner Vanity Units: Speaking of low space requirement, you cannot just overlook vanity units of this kind. Corner vanity units are so useful and simplistic that it cannot be stressed upon enough. If your bathroom has a small area, and you need to build up a vanity unit anyhow, then this is what you are probably looking for. As the name suggests, these are built up around a corner i.e., the structure is angular that helps to save up space. This will save your bathroom walls from any kinds of fungus. Being angular, these allow you to decorate the walls immediately above it to make that specific corner look appealing with lights on. You can either go for closed or open vanity units in this case.
  • Cabinet Vanity Units: This is a little on the traditional side of the range. These can be directly fixed or mounted on the floor or to the walls based on your convenience. If you have a low space bathroom, you should consider the latter. Cabinets are a better option if you need an ample number of things to store in your bathroom.

Utility should never be compromised. Remember that even if you are planning to make the vanity units look graceful and extravagant, the underlying idea is to make use of that space through such units. At the same time, no vanity unit should ruin the theme of your house either. Be smart, choose wisely!