With time, technology is developed and reached a zenith level. Even, no single field remains untouched with technology. In the medical field now it is possible to see the inside of the body parts. Hysteroscopy is one of the inventions of technology which enhance the gynaecology field. It is the process that allows the gynaecologist to look inside your uterus. This process is helpful for those women who suffer from abnormal bleeding. With the help of hysteroscopy, this procedure is completed. A thin tube which has light or camera put into the vagina to check the cervix.

Hysteroscopy is done either at a hospital operating room or the office or clinic of the doctor. With the help of a speculum, the doctor keeps your vagina open then she inserts the hysteroscope. After that, she will send the liquid into your uterus that cleans the surface and the doctor diagnoses the problem quickly by the hysteroscope.  Usually, women think that it is a painful process. However, it is not aching; you may experience the cramps during the procedure. The doctor gives you the anaesthesia to relax. She provides the anaesthesia and pain control as per the situation of the patient. When the narrow diameter hysteroscope is used, then anaesthesia is not required. If there is a need for anaesthesia, then it is applied by injection.

Reason of Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy helps the gynaecologist in Marathahalli to find the root of problems. Doctors prefer this to those women who suffer from the problem of heavy bleeding. Except, for this reason, there are numerous reasons why the doctor prefers this test that are in the following ways:

  • If you find the problem in pregnancy or conceiving the baby. Furthermore, you face miscarriages twice or thrice.
  • The most common reason behind the process of hysteroscopy is when you suffer from bleeding even after the periods or menopause.
  • If the women have fibroid tumours inside the uterine cavity, then doctors suggest this treatment.
  • If you got through any uterine surgery and you have scarring from previous surgery
  • If you insert birth control in the fallopian tubes.

Apart from it, hysteroscopy is one of the worthy processes that help to point out the abnormality in the uterus. However, an individual cannot do hysteroscopy during pregnancy.

Categories of Hysteroscopy process

Hysteroscopy is categorized into two different parts. Firstis known as diagnostic hysteroscopy, and second is operative hysteroscopy. In the latter case, either low or high viscosity fluid is used. In both of the techniques, the individual is placed in the Lithotomy position and after that vagina is clean with the solution.

Diagnostic hysteroscopy- It helps to detect the main problem of the uterus. In addition to it, this is beneficial for the confirmation of numerous tests, for instance, HSG (hysterosalpingography). This test is performed to check the fallopian tubes and uterus.

Operative hysteroscopy- it is used to correct the abnormal condition that is found in the diagnostic test by the gynaecologistIf some problem or abnormality is found in the uterus then operative hysteroscopy is used at the moment. It requires a small instrument.

Apart from it, hysteroscopy is used to remove the growth of polyps and fibroids in the uterus. Hysteroscopy performed by the doctor after the primary week of your menstrual period.

Side effects of hysteroscopy

Every procedure has its pros as well as cons. Hysteroscopy also has some cons or side effects.

  • You may be experiencing the vaginal bleeding as well as cramps after the procedure. Further, you may also experience cramping during the process.
  • After the procedure, you may suffer from various infections.
  • There is a rare chance of tearing the uterus.
  • You may suffer from a disease such as pelvic inflammatory disease.

Awareness is still essential in the case of hysteroscopy. Before taking any decision, you should also look for the side effects.

Recovery after the procedure

The improvement of an individual or patient depends upon the anaesthesia which doctor gives during the process. After the hysteroscopy, you must take the rest and follow the precaution of doctors. While recovering, the individual faces the bleeding. In this case, use a sanitary towel. If you feel pain, then taking pain killers are beneficial for the patient.

In the last, while taking any reason firstly, you have to know about some general things regarding the process. You should do a deep search for the procedure. First thing you will have to keep in your mind is why you choose this process. Further, it is beneficial for you or not. Next, it has some disadvantages. Get up to date is necessary for this modern era. A good gynaecologist effectively helps you. Therefore, choose the gynaecologist wisely. Every person should have knowledge about this type of medical terms.