In most workplaces, there is always a huge power distance which exists between the organization managers and their employees. In some place, there are a few employees who somehow manage to close this distance and freely interact with management, but most of the time, employees are either terrified or disdainful of their bosses. While some people may think this makes administration especially giving orders, easy, the reality is that there is a lot that managers miss when they close themselves off like this. Having an open-door policy literary means that every employee can walk into your office and discuss with you any matter that is of importance to them. Here, is why you should think about having this kind of relationship with all of your employees.


To remove bias in decision-making

Most of the workplaces will have that one employee who really knows how to endear themselves to the administration. Sometimes, their charisma can be a good thing because they will openly tell you about the state of the company. However, when they realize that they have this effect on you, most of them become manipulative, and they start using their position to influence important decisions for the company. This ultimately means that listening to them will be a disservice to any other employees who may have differences of opinion. When you have an open-door policy, you encourage everyone to share their opinion on everything happening in the office, increasing objectivity.


To create a healthy corporate culture

When some people are in a position to communicate directly with management, and others are terrified of the same, the workplace develops some unhealthy rivalry where a few people will feel entitled, and others will feel like their ideas and input does not amount to anything. You do not want your workplace to be a place where half of the population are motivated and while the other half are looking for places where they can fit better. Create a workplace where everyone can access you, and the culture will automatically change for the best.


Closer working relationships

There are some places where every action an employee engages in is geared towards self-protection. This happens a lot where there is a notion that there are ‘snitches’ who inform the managers about others within the organization. When you have an open-door policy, people will communicate freely with each other, ideas will be shared without the fear of victimization, and everyone will participate because they want to, not because they fear the consequences of not participating.


Creating a culture of intrinsic motivation

When you have an open-door policy, you become less scary for your employees to interact with. They will not finish a task because they are afraid of how you will react when you find out it was not done on time, but rather, because they genuinely want the business to do better. They will also not have distractions such as other employees trying to kill their morale. They will be in a position to tell you when something is bothering them and reducing their morale to work, and when you are supportive, they will feel the intrinsic need to do better for the sake of your business. Intrinsic workforce recruiters recommend the adoption of an openness which helps every employee express their ideas in a free manner.


Increasing your bottom line

The most important result that you will get when you open up your doors to every employee is that your profits will start soaring. This is because when employees feel that their managers care about their welfare, they get a positive outlook on the job and they will do their best not to disappoint. This increased productivity, which means more profit for your business.


These are a few of the reasons to invest in an open-door policy. Most importantly, when employees know you listen to everyone, they will not try to undermine each other or tarnish each other’s image to you. Your workplace will be much happier with an open-door policy in place.