Staying at home is one of the main recommendations for staying safe as the COVID-19 pandemic rages outside. The monotony of spending all day at home, however, is driving many people crazy. Any distraction seems welcome, so why not engage in a positive distraction like improving your home? Is there anything amiss with your home? Consider the following transformational but often overlooked home improvement projects to keep you occupied during the pandemic.

Top-to-Bottom Cleaning

In addition to staying at home and maintaining social distancing, observing proper hygiene is one of the other main COVID-19 preventative measures. Experts recommend keeping all surfaces clean and wiping them regularly using a disinfectant. As such, cleaning should be at the top of your list. Take this opportunity to clean everything, including places that you would normally ignore. Start by cleaning the surfaces, furniture, and other household items. Next, clean hard-to-reach surfaces, such as under the bed and inside the vents. Go from room to room, identifying any glaring dirt and schedule it for cleaning. The bottom line: don’t leave any dirty items unattended!


A fresh coat of paint will breathe a new lease of life into your home by making it look newer. Ordinarily, most homeowners don’t have the time to paint, but the COVID-19 pandemic has freed more than enough time to paint. You can repaint the walls newly if you are motivated enough, or you can go small and touch-up on the existing paint. As such, choose a refreshing color and bring out the brushes. In addition to painting, take the opportunity to redo your wall hangings and other wall-based decorations. Painting is a fulfilling activity (some even consider it therapeutic) that will help relieve some of your stress and anxiety. It is also an ideal family project for bringing everyone close together for some constructive family time.

Rearranging & Organizing

Now that you have cleaned everything and repainted your walls, why not go all the way and rearrange the furniture for an overall new look and feel? The new look will make staying at home more bearable thanks to the change in scenery. However, be prudent how you go about it – the idea is to make your home look better. Still, you should also look into maximizing space and easing movement and accessibility around the house. P.S. Take the opportunity to get the kids to organize their rooms. Make it a family project so that everyone can get on board.

Fixing Holes, Leaks, and Other Technical Damages

Cleaning, painting, and organizing is easy, but that may not be the only thing that needs your attention. Holes in walls and water leaks are also common problems that also deserve your attention. It is especially important to remedy these problems early as they can get worse with time. Most notably, check to see whether there are any leaks in the basement as a result of the recent winter season – if there are, get a DIY basement waterproofing sealer and remedy the problem yourself. Some of these technical home improvement projects require a professional’s skills. As such, consider consulting your contractor virtually for help on how to go about it. You can also take the opportunity to improve your DIY handyman skills by studying simplified DIY guides.

Preparing the Yard for Summer

COVID-19’s timing couldn’t have been worse! The pandemic has coincided with summer, but, unfortunately, the outdoors is a no-go zone. However, you can still enjoy some sunshine this summer from the comfort of your backyard. However, you will first need to clean up after the gloom of winter. As such, start by sweeping away the dirt and debris and weeding out any unwanted growth. Give the outdoor furniture a thorough cleaning as well. There is so much you can do in your backyard this summer. It can be a simple activity like planting a fresh garden or an ambitious undertaking, such as constructing a small swimming pool to cool off the summer heat!

A More Comfortable Haven!

You will be safe from the COVID-19 pandemic by staying at home, but don’t let it turn out into boredom and restlessness. Put yourself to work by improving your home to make it safer and more comfortable. Remember to observe safety and ask for professional help where necessary.