While becoming good at snowboarding will take some time, becoming an expert will take some time. Initially, the learning process can be painful and frustrating, and there are no short cuts.

Keep in mind snowboarding takes lots of practice. Learning the moves, making turns and stopping. To start with, the process seems alien but time dedicated to it and the incredible experience you gain makes the process naturally flow.

After you get into it, in no time; you will be instinctively waking to go snowboarding every time it snows. It is gratifying and a thrilling experience that you will  keep wanting more and more of. Here are some of the tips to see you learn and have memorable experiences.

Evaluate if You are Goofy-footed or Regular

It refers to the foot you prefer and find comfortable putting forward. You can learn this while standing on the skateboard and analyzing which way feels natural.  Also, endeavor to determine the terms used by the veterans.  For example, don’t use words like ‘’backward” when interacting with the staff.

Start by Taking Lessons

It is meant to equip you with the skills and techniques critical in the muscle memory. It might be a short lesson, possibly even half a day but it is necessary. Try it out, face the stress and frustrations, withstand the countless inevitable falls. At the end of the day learn, you will become a seasoned veteran and enjoy the thrilling moments every time it snows.

Get Your Body Prepared

Extreme pressure on your legs should be expected. Snowboarding is going to work out your muscles in ways you may never have imagined for the first couple of days. It is a clear indicator you are properly getting yourself into snowboarding shape!

Consider being mindful of the pressure being exerted on your knees, ice and jumps can be harsh on the joints. Have the wrist guardsto start with as you may encounter a few tumbles.

Get the Gear

Get the snowboarding gear to ensure you are on track. Cross check to ensure you haven’t left behind anything. You can prepare a checklist to for the first time until the necessary gear gets committed to your memory; board, boots, beanie, gloves, snow pants, shell, under layers and goggles are all intact. Not forgetting a fresh pair of wool socks to keep your feet warm and cushion your feet in the rugged boots.

Gain familiarity with the gear and everything else involved before setting your foot on the mountain. On the snowboard, constant strapping of the boots is to be expected, unstrapping as well, ensure you got the bindings set up on your board. Turning and twisting in snowboarding allows you to make moves back and forth in all directions easily.

Develop The Attitude

Just like the other areas, style and swagger of snowboarding are more approachable. Snowboarding is an attitude that you will develop over time as your skills improve.

To start with everyone is a beginner, but in no time, you are ingrained down into the scene. It all calls for positivity in this, by and by, you learn the tricks and master the skills.

Familiarize Yourself With the Snowboarding Language

Virtually all sports have their jargon. Snowboarding is no different in that it has its own jargon, developed and hardly recognizable to the untrained ear. Nearly all the veteran snowboarders use specific phrases. Virtually all of them starts with ‘’s” letter. Slash, ‘slashie,’ shred, ‘slashington,’and the like.

No big deal about the jargons though, they are just mere expressions.

Actually, they all mean the same thing. Anytime you are caught unaware in a bind, just ask the person to repeat the expression again and ask for clarification. Soon you will be a native speaker as well.

Final Thoughts

Get started, learn and perfect it. You got all it takes. After many fantastic adventures, there is a need to take care for the environment. Approach the sport with humility and respect towards nature.

The sport helps you appreciate the serenity and beauty of nature instilling a desire to preserve it for the future generations. Once snowboarding gets into your life, yes, you will be more mindful of the environmental impact you are to leave behind.

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