It’s not easy to get a flat stomach. And yet many women still feel the pressure to have amazing abs. If you have ever had the same problem, you know that both your breathing and posture can affect how big your stomach can look.

What makes shapewear so great is the fact that it mimics the effect of sucking in your stomach. It does so by flattening your stomach, but at the same time, you don’t need to remember always to stay sucked in. While shapewear can not flatten your belly forever, it can still be a great shortcut to feeling confident and beautiful even when wearing tight clothes.

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How Shapewear Works

Shapewear is a kind of compression garment. It works by pushing fat in, while also compressing your stomach. This can result in your stomach and waist looking a few inches slimmer.

Shapewear is not meant to work miracles. However, if you have a lot of fat on your stomach, shapewear can help to make it look smaller, even though not necessarily looking flat. Shapewear will make your waist look smaller than when you are sucking in your stomach. In this way, you can breathe as usual and yet look at least one size slimmer.

How Shapewear Can Be Used for Weight Loss

Some companies release shapewear that can be considered as a series of compression garments, which should help you lose weight by causing you to sweat. Besides, when you massage the area, you should be able to increase your blood circulation and boost your weight loss. However, not all items of shapewear can be used for weight loss.

Sweating can indeed help you to get rid of a few calories, but it’s less likely to help you lose many kgs. We still suggest you follow a healthy diet and exercise plan if you want to lose much weight. You can then combine this lifestyle with shapewear to boost the results you will get.

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How to Choose the Best Shapewear for You

There are so many companies selling different types of shapewear, both online and offline. It can seem challenging to pick the best one for you. First of all, you should keep in mind that for maximum benefit, shapewear should fit against your body. It should not, in any case, dig into your skin or hurt your body.

The best option is to choose breathable fabrics, which will prevent sweat from getting trapped against your skin and cause irritations. Stop wearing shapewear or change to a looser type if you feel dizzy, find breathing difficult, sweat too much, or feel uncomfortable. High-quality shapewear should not hurt at all. It should also not interfere with your ability to perform your daily tasks.

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