What’s the most crucial part of a college application? Ask any high school senior and they will tell you that it’s the essay writing that matters the most. As an aspirant to get admission in one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, you must perfect your essay writing skills. A good essay can get you in your dream college while a bad one can get you rejected even if you have a good academic record to back up your application. You can either choose to write your own essay or you can choose a professional essay writing service after reading some relevant essay writing service reviews. In this article we will tell you how to write an excellent essay on your own.

Give yourself some time

You should never dive into a pool before assessing its depth. The same principle applies in this case too. Diving head first in to essay writing before giving it any thought won’t produce an excellent essay. In the best case scenario you will have an essay that might be rated good at the high school level but it won’t get you anywhere in case of getting selected in a good college. And in the worst case scenario you will end up with something that can even not be called an essay. For this reason, it is in your best interest to sit down with a relaxed mind and focus on the topic at hand and only when you have properly understood the concept of the topic given to you, proceed to write your essay.

Never go lazy on the research part

Factual accuracy is extremely important. And if you can quote from the works of famous authors then it adds to the overall quality of your essay. But this can only be done after deliberate research. How you want to do your research is completely up to you. Whether you prefer the traditional way of sitting in a library and reading the thesis of famous scholars or whether you decide in favor of doing all the research on internet. As long as you do the research with honesty and dedication, be assured that you will end up with a high quality essay. We will advise you to do most of the research on internet and to supplement it with some offline research. We said this because sometimes internet might provide you with misleading information. Supplementing your online search with offline research will keep you on the safer side.