Your ultimate happiness starts with your willingness to be happy. While often happiness can depend on material circumstance, it is easier to be happy with a job you enjoy and a good place to live, you cannot always wait for those things to change to make things right. Do not wait until New Year’s Day to make significant changes to your life. You can start right now with the tools you have at the moment. Here are several ways to feel more satisfied with your life.

Become Less Self Conscious

Make a conscious effort to become less self-conscious about your body and personal abilities. Being too self-conscious is similar to being too anxious in a difficult situation. When you become less conscious about yourself, you become more confident as a result. Having an increased level of confidence is necessary to achieve a higher level of happiness.

Focus on Your Health

Your health is directly tied into your happiness. What you eat every day affects how tired, energetic or apathetic you may feel. A lot of people don’t notice their health until they come down with a serious illness. Focus on making small to major improvements to your health.

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Devote Your Time to Peace and Quiet

In the age of the Internet, most people have become obsessed with technology. Even in natural environments, you see people hooked up to their smartphones, headphones or laptops. To promote a more peaceful and tranquil life, find quieter activities to do in your spare time, such as reading, taking long walks and listening to relaxing music. It can also be helpful to build smaller spaces that have only a small group of friends, where you feel less pressure to present a false version of yourself.

The Internet is a very distracting place that can be very negative and emotionally upsetting at times. You’ll feel happier when you simplify your life as much as possible.

Encourage Sharing

Everyone underestimates the power of sharing in a world where everyone is supposed to look after themselves. But when you do share things that you have or know, you open up a world of gift giving and receiving. Other people will begin to share their gifts, as well. Sharing takes only a few minutes out of your busy schedule, and it’s very rewarding to the giver and the recipient.

True happiness is usually kept locked deep inside of every one of us. People are supposed to focus on tending to their responsibilities before finding ways to be happier and healthier. If you’re struggling in a never-ending battle with depression, win the battle for your own sake.  While some problems might never fade, you can find yourself in a better place, more able to work through the problems that do show up. Follow small steps to become healthier and more satisfied with your day-to-day life.