Garden is one of the most relaxing and heavenly places, especially if you are living in an urban area. Garden has got extreme importance since the ancient time. Our ancestors across the globe used to create and maintain beautiful gardens. This culture is continued for thousands of years. You must have heard of Babylon’s beautiful gardens. These gardens were critically acclaimed as one of the seven wonders in the ancient times that were built before Christ.

Similarly, around every corner of the world, many cultures, civilizations were developed peacefully, and they created marvelous infrastructures as an embodiment of their existence. Garden was one of the Indivisible parts of that infrastructure.

Per the World Health Organization, good health means more than just the absence of adverse health symptoms. It implies positivity, quality life, communism, and sheer enlightenment.

So, if you’re living your life with a little voice in your mind whispering, ‘Psst! I must start gardening,’ it’s for a good reason, indeed.

Outdoor gardening, such as backyard gardening and community gardening have many health benefits which range from increased nutrients in your diet to staving off chronic diseases.

Here are eight surprising health benefits of gardening.

  1. Homegrown self-esteem

It always feels good when you accomplish any new tasks and if you can grow a complete garden, what else can’t you do? Garden built by yourself will give you immense pleasure and sheer enlightenment that will boost your inner confidence of accomplishing anything in this world!

  1. Gardening for Heart Health

Gardening helps improve health! You burn calories and strengthen your heart when you’re out in the garden. You should know that.

As per WebMD’s report, “Activities such as gardening are the DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, and housework is  as good as formal exercise as far as reducing the risk for heart attack and stroke is concerned.” Heart health is quite a bonus in this case!

  1. Gardening: To Reduce Mental Stress

A survey group of scientist experimented. They asked two groups of ordinary people to finish the stressful task. Then the people were asked to do gardening for 30 minutes. A group of scientists concluded that gardening for 30 minutes after said job resulted in lower cortisol levels! Cortisol is the hormone associated with stress. Hence, if you ever had a rough day, get into your garden and let the stress melt away!

  1. Happiness in the Dirt

How does a dynamic, beautiful landscape that you know intimately, that you are responsible for creating, make you feel? Probably delighted!

There’s also a concrete scientific reason that explains why gardening gives you inner peace. Studies suggest that inhaling M. vaccae, healthy bacteria that live in soil, can increase levels of serotonin and reduce anxiety. As per the report in the Discover Magazine, “One gets a nice dose of M. vaccae just by walking in the rooting around in the garden,” and this could help elicit a jolly state of mind.

  1. You’ll Get A Better Sleep

Research report at the University of Pennsylvania says that the light activity associated with gardening can surely help you get better sleep in the night.

We all know that sleep is so vital to good health; this is a benefit you shouldn’t be ignoring!

  1. Improved Hand Strength

All those gardening activities do more than producing a plant. Gardening activities will increase your hand and overall body strength. Isn’t it a great way to keep your hands and fingers as healthy as possible?

  1. Gardening for Your Family’s Health!

Gardening can be done as a solo activity or an opportunity for bonding with your family and friends as well! The happiness and stress relief that landscaping provides is a great thing to share with loved ones. Also, gardening has unique benefits for kids. As per the trusted reports, early exposure to dirt an early age has been linked to all kinds of long-term health benefits, right from reducing allergies to autoimmune diseases.

  1. Growing Vegetables for Financial Health

There are ways that gardening might be costly, but if you do it right, you can save much money on food by building your own. To keep the most cash by growing your produce, grow vegetables that are expensive to buy and plants that you can easily store or preserve by canning, freezing, dehydrating, or pickling.

June has started, but trust me, it’s never too late to start gardening! Instead of starting from the seed, you can buy some baby plants directly. To get some advice on starting your first garden, check out the below tips.

Now, after learning what garden is and what are the benefits of gardening, it is essential to note that any kind of furnishing in the garden must be manufactured strictly by the waterproof plywood! Plywood manufacturers in India always suggest the best waterproof ply to make your evergreen furniture in your lovely garden!

Let us have a sneak peek on some of the cool tips and tricks as to how to create a Moroccan Oasis in your backyard’s garden place.

Consider that you’ve never been to Morocco in your life; still, you’ll be familiar with the concept of this type of gardening. The courtyard gardens filled with lush greenery and a sparkling fountain and often surrounded by ornate plasterwork, architectural arches, and warm, vibrant colors. You can hear the beautiful sound of water, feel the warmth, and imagine what it’s like to sink into those cushions. Moreover, as the sunset arrives, and the lanterns are lit, you can taste the spices and hear the call to prayer to god.

If you want a little bit of Moroccan magic into your backyard, it’s not that difficult!

Patterned Tiles

Tiles covered with specific patterns are a prominent feature of any Moroccan houses, both inside and out, remember that! They are not just limited to the floors and walls for kitchens and bathrooms either. To mimic such a courtyard garden in your own home, you could use patterned tiles on the floor and walls too. Don’t be ever afraid to mix patterns! Moreover, if cost is an issue you can always mix plain terracotta tiles with patterned ones, tile halfway up the wall only, or you can create a feature wall with tiles. The more economical way to use such tiles is to cover the top of the dining table.

Architectural Arches

Let’s not be impractical here! We know its hard to find many architectural arches outside of hot countries. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create the illusion of one in your home! If you’re handy with the paint-brush, then you can map out an arch shape and finish with two contrasting colors. This will add depth visually to your backyard. You can also use an arch-shaped mirror on your wall. This will give you the ornamental shape indicative of Morocco, but the reflection will make your space look more substantial.


Imagine a soothing or cooling, and the soft tinkling sound of the running water! It’s not so difficult to install a fountain in the backyard, and there are plenty of options available, both online or at your local garden center. A typical Moroccan courtyard would have its basin at the center, but you should prefer to have one basin along any of the walls.

Daybeds and Cushions

Comfort is the key here! For practical and comforting reasons, choose a wooden or metal daybed so that it can be left outside all year round. Moreover, then pile it high with comfy cushions. There are no rules here. You may prefer to add lots of patterns and clashing colors or keep it more muted with cream colors covered in shimmering sequins. Daybeds must be prepared with the waterproof plywood, don’t ever forget that! Plywood manufacturers in India always recommend you the best waterproof plywood for your garden furnishing.


After the sunset, I am sure that all of you will surely love to light candles in as many lamps as possible, won’t you? Put some them on the tables, and have rest of them on the floor. They are not so expensive, so vary the size, shape, and metals if you like, but the general rule is more to have.


It is not the place for understated planting; trust me! The bigger specimens of plants will look more dramatic and create more shadows and atmosphere. Consider placing them in large terracotta pots in the corner of the space and around the daybed. It will give an added impact for sure and shade from the sun. Later sit back, sip your sweet mint tea and pretend you’re in warmer climes! This is real heaven!

So, this way you can create a Moroccan oasis in your home’s backyard. We guarantee you that this will create a heavenly impact in your lives. At finally, please do not forget to use only waterproof plywood in your Moroccan oasis’s furnishing! Waterproof plywood is always recommended by plywood manufacturers in India. Hence, try to follow these tips, tricks, and guidelines which will help you create a beautiful, mesmerizing, jaw-dropping heaven in your lovely and sweet home! Contact Saburi Ply, if you’re interested in creating stunning garden furnishing in your home.