When a woman is confident, beautiful, and self-assured, it’s such an amazing experience to witness. Unfortunately, there are plenty of women who are deeply insecure for a variety of reasons. As a result, they encourage those around them to be the same way so that no one feels inferior. Often habits like this will start in childhood. As a mother, consider the following ways you can teach your daughters to grow into strong women who can lead others and lift herself when she needs to..

Lead by Example

In many cases, parents see their bad traits in their children. As a result, they yell and berate their children into doing better. Truthfully, it’s a projection of the disappointment they carry within. Instead of preaching to your daughter, lead by example. Be the change you want to see. Be determined to be consistent, hard-working, and reliable. As your daughter sees you quietly slay the dragons you face each day, she’ll pick up those same traits.

Teach Her Skills and Life Lessons

If you are in a Christian family, there are many things you can teach your children and daughters from the Bible. The Proverbs 31 woman was a woman who was entrepreneurial, resourceful, and efficient. She made wise financial decisions as she made sure her family was fed.

Don’t wait until your daughter is a teenager to start teaching her life skills and lessons. Teach her how to do these things at a level where she can understand. If she’s five years old, teach her how to clean up her toys after she’s finished playing with them. If she’s eight years old, allow her to help you make a salad in the kitchen. Household management, time management, and money management are all skills that self-sufficient adults need to know how to do, whether they are male or female.

Validate and Affirm Her

As the parent, you have the responsibility of affirming and building up your daughter. If you don’t do it, she will go to the wrong people to validate her worth. Always remind her that she’s strong, beautiful, smart, and capable. Shower her with affirmations to help build her self-esteem. As you remind her of her worth, encourage her to recognize her own worth as well.

Set the Spiritual Foundation

There are times in life when your daughter will feel alone. In those times, she needs to remember the source of her strength. In addition to modeling what a relationship with Christ looks like, encourage her to develop her own. Take her to church. Encourage her to read her Bible and devotional lessons every day. As those seeds get planted, the strength she’ll need as an adult will get stronger and the lessons you taught her will carry her through hard times.

Though parenting is not an easy journey, it is a very rewarding one. Raising a daughter to become a strong woman will challenge the woman you currently are. However, with patience, faith, and lots of love, you can successfully rise to challenge, and be triumphant, helping your daughter to become exactly the kind of woman you hope she’ll be.