When you think about all the factors which come to mind which contribute to a perfect house, clean windows will probably not make it to the list. Windows are a part of the building’s exterior as well as the interior. They can often get forgotten when it comes to cleaning and also overlooked as one of the jobs which you might skip. However, you might not know that it can make your house look less pleasant. 

Windows can be counted as first impressions before someone enters your house. Windows tend to accumulate dirt and grime over a while. If left alone, they will make the surroundings unhygienic. The look of the building will take a shift if the windows are not cleaned regularly. You can consider hiring window cleaning services for getting the job done, or you can do it all by yourself. So, how do you clean the windows without leaving any streaks and smudges? Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Supplies: Residential cleaning is not a painful thing to do when you get all the amounts correctly. Take two buckets, a sponge. A good quality rubber squeegee; lint-free cloth, and a commercial cleaning solution of your choice. Always take down the curtains when you are cleaning the windows. You do not want any stains on the curtains during the cleaning process. Clean windows from the top and go down. Use a sponge which is damp and apply to the cleaning solution. Wipe across the window with a squeegee blade and wipe the blade. Continue with a rinse of clean water. 
  • Start with the Window Frames: Clean all the dirty frames before you start with the window cleaning. If your window frames are aluminum frames, vacuum them and the polish the frames with the car polish. You can also oil the channels to allow smoothness in the windows. Rinse with warm, clean water and wipe with a dry towel if necessary. 
  • Wash the Panes: Cleaning the outside portion of the windows depends on your surroundings, but the insides need cleaning twice every year. Most of the double-hung doors have tilted slashes which can be cleaned easily. Clean the panes and proceed to the windows. It is better to clean the windows on a cloudy day as direct contact with the sunlight after cleaning might end up in streaking. If your place has a lot of windows, divide the cleaning into segments rather than cleaning all of them in a single day. 
  • Special Windows: Stained glass and Skylights can be considered as unique windows. Stained glass can be cleaned with a damp sponge initially. Wipe and clean by polishing with a clean cloth. You have to treat the delicate stain glass with care. The painted glass should be cleaned with damp chamois. Skylights and other hard to reach places can be cleaned with special extension tools. However, it might be to more practical to hire professionals to finish the job for you. 

Cleaning your windows is very important because-

  • First Impressions: First experiences are the best experiences. You would not want your guests to feel inadequate by just not taking enough time to clean your premises. Keeping your windows clean will make your surroundings look aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Hygiene: If you do not keep your windows clean, dirt and grime will form over time, and this will lead to loss of sanitation. If we leave this alone, this can only get worse and make the room more toxic. 
  • Light Filters: Natural light is critical to the residents, but dirt will not allow the light to pass through, thus affecting the lighting of the house. Leaving the residents to move in the dark, and this will change the light filters. Light has to pass through the glass properly, and people have to be exposed to the natural light. Natural light can also give Vitamin D, which will be very healthy to the residents. Hence, it is always a good idea to keep your windows clean to have a clear pathway for light to pass through and be free from any obstruction.