Everyone deserves to treat themselves to a style they love every now and then. If you’re going to pick just one high-end accessory or article of clothing to splurge on, eyewear is a perfect choice. After all, you do wear your glasses every single day.

After purchasing a darling pair of Gucci sunglasses or a pair of Versace prescription glasses, you’ll want to do everything you can to protect your investment. If you don’t practice care, daily wear-and-tear or improvised cleaning solutions can damage your lenses or frames. To make your dream designer eyewear last as long as possible, follow these simple guidelines.

Don’t Use Your Breath to Add Moisture to Your Lenses

If you typically wear glasses for most of the day, the lenses will end up accumulating dust, fingerprints, and other types of dirt and grime. Many people use their breath or saliva to clean the lenses, but this habit can actually damage your glasses.

You likely don’t realize it, but saliva can contain harmful oils or leave bacteria on your lenses. Furthermore, breathing does not provide enough moisture to clean your glasses properly, and wiping them when dry can cause scratches.

Wash the Lenses Gently with Soap and Water

Using plain, old-fashioned soap and water is the most efficient way to give your glasses a deep clean. To clean your glasses without causing accidental damage, you should:

  • Wash your hands first to avoid transferring dirt or germs to the lenses.
  • Rinse the lenses to remove dust and other debris, using water at room temperature or warmer.
  • Use a lotion-free liquid soap, applying a drop to each lens and rubbing gently.
  • Do the same with the frames.
  • For nose pads and earpieces, use a moist towelette with rubbing alcohol.
  • After cleaning, rinse the lenses thoroughly under gentle water to remove the soap and inspect for stains.
  • If the glasses look clean, use a safe cloth (keep reading to find out more) to remove most of the water.
  • Let the glasses dry thoroughly in a safe place.

Do not use harsh chemicals/cleaning products, and pay attention to the manufacturers’ guidelines in more sensitive glasses. To be sure, a spray cleaning solution produced, mainly for eyeglasses, can be a good investment.

Only Use Microfiber Cloth

Ever used a sleeve, shirt, or paper towel to clean your glasses quickly while in a pinch? It may have worked for you in the past, but you shouldn’t keep taking chances—the operation may forever scratch the lenses. To dry your lenses, you should ideally use the microfiber cloth that came with your glasses.

Avoid using your fingers to remove any stubborn dirt; in addition to the risk of damaging the lenses, you can cause even more dirt or bacteria to stick to the surface. If your microfiber cloth begins to wear out, replace it as soon as possible instead of using alternative materials.

Make Sure They Have a Tight Fit

Frame joints may come loose with frequent use, and your glasses can fall off your head or slip easily from your nose. You can go to an optician to adjust the glasses professionally, but this costs time and money.

It’s easy to adjust the temples on your own by bending them slightly outward if they’re too tight on the sides of the head or inward if they fit too loose. This is an operation to be done with care, as the glasses can break if you apply too much force.

Never Wear Your Glasses on the Top of Your Head

During the global pandemic, wearing glasses while simultaneously wearing a mask can be a hassle. To prevent your glasses from fogging up and inhibiting your vision, you may feel tempted to rest them on the top of your head temporarily.

However, the top of your head likely has a wider diameter than your face. If you put your glasses on top of your head but keep them hooked to your ears, it can stretch out the frame. The next time you put them on correctly, the frame joints may be too loose and slip through your nose or even fall when you look down. Not to mention, when wearing glasses on your head, you can easily get hair stuck in the frames or hinges.

Proper Care is Priceless

By heeding these five warnings, you can take proper care of your new designer glasses or sunglasses. If you have to splurge a little to buy your favorite option, it’s not worth it if you then don’t take good care of them. To keep your eyewear as good as new, you should also stick to common-sense practices like storing your glasses in a case before tossing them in your bag.