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Children are especially prone to illness when the cold and flu season strikes. As a parent, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep your little ones from getting sick. Here are a few smart ways to take care of your children as cold and flu season approaches.


Clean Toys Regularly

Smaller children, in particular, are known to put toys in their mouths. If you have a child who gets sick, he or she could spread germs with toys that are used by siblings or other children. Plush toys can often be washed in a clothes washer with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Other toys can be cleaned with disinfecting wipes. It’s also important to disinfect playhouses, swing sets and other larger playing apparatuses.


Get Preventative Care

There are certain medicines, vitamins and supplements that are known to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds and the flu. Taking your children to get flu shots can keep them safe throughout the season. Giving your children multivitamins that contain vitamin C and zinc can also boost immune health. If all else fails and illness strikes, you can take any sick child to an urgent care center in your area for treatment.


Wash Hands and Bathe Regularly

One of the best ways to make sure your kids are staying healthy during cold and flu seasons is to make sure that they wash their hands on a regular basis. They are touching countless things every day that are covered in germs. They then usually touch their faces and take in those germs which will increase their likelihood in getting sick. The best way to make sure they stay healthy is to make sure they wash their hands multiple times a day. Along with washing hands, all kids should be taking baths or showers daily. This way you really know your kids are staying as clean as possible and keeping those germs away.


Encourage Resting

Children are usually full of energy and want to stay active as much as possible, but it’s especially important for your kids to have enough downtime as cold and flu season approaches. Not getting enough sleep each night can cause their immune systems to weaken and make them more prone to illness. If your kids do end up getting sick, encouraging them to rest can help them speed up recovery. suggests giving a lukewarm bath before bedtime to any child who has a fever to promote relaxation.


Forbid Sharing While Eating

Kids who nibble on the same food items create a much easier pathway for bacteria and viruses to spread. This is also true when children swap utensils, cups and straws while eating and drinking. As nice as it is to share, you should warn your children about the dangers of swapping food and eating utensils during meals with their siblings or any of their friends.


Keeping your kids out of harm’s way this cold and flu season is possible if you take the right precautions and monitor your young ones closely. By helping your children maintain good health, you can avoid certain problems that may impact their overall well-being.