How To Take Care of Your Golden Retriever?

If you have a Golden Retriever and you are looking forward to understanding what can be good for them, then you have landed in the right place. With the huge fan following that this breed has, it is quite easy to understand that you are planning to bring one. But make sure that you are choosing the right breeder to get the best golden retriever price in India.

Coming to the basic information of Golden Retriever then you must have a look at some of these. Here we will find out some basic details about them.

●         They are affectionate, happy go lucky personality and has even temper

●        They are great with other pets and kids

●        They have an athletic figure with being strong and large

●        They have the average intelligence and therefore they can be trained

●        They love to play games with people especially fetch games

●        They are very people-oriented and always want to please

Besides the positives, there are some other characteristics that you definitely require considering these things.

●        They shed quite often

●        They are rowdy in nature especially when they are with young dogs

●        They would love to chew things that they find in front of them

●        They would constantly need some activity or mental stimulation to remove boredom

●        They have a tendency of bark when they find something they are not familiar with

●        They are very much prone to health issues

They are definitely a reliable shoulder and a good playmate that you can buy. Even when they are adapted to hunting, they would love to enjoy the many activities. They would need exercising to outlet their huge energy levels. They are extremely intelligent and want to please people and have an understanding nature.

The Health of Golden Retriever:

No doubt that you care a lot about your pet and therefore you would want to take proper care of them. You have to be very alert about their health signs and symptoms and if you predict something, you need to take immediate action.

Besides, you should also know that most of the diseases and health conditions are inherited and genetic. Therefore while you are purchasing them, you need to ask about the genetic problem. In case you can find their parents have inherited some, you must be very aware of their health conditions and talk to the vet immediately when you find any symptoms that can be a matter of concern.

Dental Issues

Dental issues are very common issues found in pets that affect almost 80% of these pets by the age of two. They tend to build up tartar on their teeth and increase the chance of tooth and gum infection. If you don’t prevent it from growing, this might result in damaging their heart, kidneys, liver, and their joints as well.


Golden retrievers are one of those very common and known breeds that are susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. This is the reason why vaccination is a must for them as these are very effective in treating such infections.


Golden Retrievers are mostly affected by obesity. This is a serious concern that can have an impact on their metabolism, digestion and joint. This can also have a bad impact on their heart and back. Even when it is pretty obvious that you will love to give them food, it is advised to offer a balanced diet to make sure of no such health issues.


There can be a lot of other health issues that can be observed in golden retrievers. However, with proper care and observation, you can stay assured of offering the best treatment. Also, do not forget to choose a breeder offering many choices and also check the german shepherd price in India. So bring a companion today.