Errands are a part of your daily life. Even people with enough expendable income to use an errand service will have a certain number of unavoidable errands to complete. Some errands, such as heading to your favorite boutique to pick out some clothes for a new season, are enjoyable. Others can be downright painstaking or simply dull. Having to run what seems like only a few simple errands can easily wind up chipping away at an entire morning or afternoon. You can use the simple tips below to take back control of your time and get your errands completed more efficiently!


Set a Specific Day as your “Errand Day”

Surely you’ve heard of “batching” your workload in order to get things done faster and more efficiently. Why not approach your errands in a similar way? Bundling errands is the ideal way to take back your time with basic organization tactics. For example, instead of hitting the grocery store 3-4 times a week in order to put together various meals throughout the week, plan a week-long menu and pick up all the ingredients in one big trip. In an ideal world, you can strive to choose a specific day as a day you knock out the majority, if not all, of the week’s errands.


Map your Errand Route in Advance

You’d probably be surprised at how much time and gas money you spend traveling from destination to destination while you run errands. Even if you only do it in your head, map out the route you plan to take when running your errands. Not only will this help you put together a solid route to save time, putting a plan together in advance will mentally give you a sense of accomplishment when you leave each place on your “errand map,” rather than feeling like you just spent three hours running around town from place to place.


Make an Old-Fashioned List, Even if you use New-Age Technology

Even if you know exactly what errands you need to run and what you need to purchase or do at each place, making an old-fashioned list has proven benefits. You won’t worry about forgetting a stop and having to run back out. A list also gives you the ability to cross off your completed tasks, creating a sense of accomplishment.


Be Selective About When You Run Errands

Try to run errands during lull times for the various destinations you visit. For example, going to the grocery store at 6 p.m. on a weeknight will have you in a swarm of post-workday shoppers.


Plan your Goods and Groceries Loading and Unloading Plan

Most errands require you to buy or pick up various items. Be prepared by bringing your own durable bags for things like groceries and various purchased household goods. These bags make it easier to transport from the store to your car, then from the car to your house. Make the most of your vehicle’s capabilities by making room in advance. For example, a popular Subaru Outback review outlines exactly how to utilize split-folding seating to make the most of cargo space, allowing you to simply reverse your car into the driveway to haul your good and groceries into the house with minimal back-and-forth trips.


Choose Online Over In-Store when you Can

Finally, make your life easier by looking for online options. Stores are making it easier by offering things like 2-day delivery, same-day delivery, curbside pickup, and online shopping pickup at a separate counter.