Did you just move to a big city? This article was meant for you. Moving to a big city is exciting and scary, all at the same time. There is so much to see and experience and if you just moved from a small town it can seem overwhelming and new. It’s completely normal to start to resent the town, especially if you feel out of place. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure that you enjoy your time in a big city while adjusting smoothly to the new pace of life.


Here are 5 ways you can prepare to live in a big city:



Big cities are known for having great transportation systems, meaning you don’t have to drive a car everywhere. This may be a bus system or some kind of public transportation that can be extremely cost effective. Having a car can be nice if you are planning on going out of town a bit or if you are only staying in a big city for a couple of years. To cut down on expenses, you can get different insurance, especially if you aren’t driving around a lot. There is cheap car insurance Los Angeles California, a big city that is known for its famous people as well as its crazy traffic. Cutting down on car expenses can help you save money for other expenses and bills you may need to pay in the future.



With any big city there are a variety of foods that needs to be tried. Do some research and see what the city is known for. Is it located in the south where barbeque is all the rage? Or is it in a city that is more health conscious and juiced drinks are available on every street? Get ready to try new things and keep in mind you may not enjoy everything you try. Food is a great way to meet new people and try new foods you won’t be able to try anywhere else.


Job Hunting

Getting a job can be hard, and it’s even harder if you are job searching in an unfamiliar place. Maybe you are moving to a big city because of a job, which is awesome. But if you are moving to a big city without having a job offer, you may need some extra savings to pay for expenses while you are searching for a job. Get to know the city, what companies are there and what kind of jobs that they offer. Try to schedule some interviews before you move. If you are there for school, make an appointment with a job resource center and see what they can offer you.



Wherever you end up, there is something different about city life compared to living in a middle to small sized city. There are several things that are usually the same in big cities. There are a lot of people living in a small space. You may not feel completely crowded all the time but you will see a lot more people than you normally do. It is best to be quiet and respectful while you are on public transportation or in a public space. You don’t need to talk to everyone you meet and you shouldn’t feel pressured to stop and talk to every vendor on the street.


Daily Living

There are little things that will change in your day to day life. You may have to walk down the hall to do your laundry. You may have to do a lot more walking than you are used to. You may have to work odd hours to make payments on your student loans. Be prepared for such changes and learn to be flexible with how you live and you are sure to adjust to the big city in no time.


Have you ever lived in a big city? What was your experience and how did you adjust to the new space? Start the conversation by commenting below.