Gold and silver can be found in every home because of their value and beauty also. These metals do not take any damage from environmental conditions and remain like new if they are kept in safe hands. If you have any gold or silver bars, jewellery, or coins then you can find gold buyers and sell it to them to manage your expenses or paying loans. In today’s modern time everything will find online through internet sites so you can also out for potential gold buyers. But some people thought that selling gold for cash is difficult or time-consuming so you can find pawn shops, jewellery shops, and get cold hard cash. Before selling your gold just follow some tips which can help you to sell gold at a fair price.

Figure Out The Price Of Your Gold And Silver

To know your accurate worth or price of your gold you have to take your gold and silver to a gold buyer. Once you find out the exact price of your metal then you will count the price according to the percentage of your gold like 14 karat gold is 58.4 % of gold and 22 karat gold is 91.6 % gold. Without proper calculation don’t take the valuation of the gold buyer whom you want to sell your gold or silver.

Look At The Value Of Your Whole Item

When selling gold you have to consider the whole item rather than looking at the gold itself. Sometimes you may have a gem in your hands without even knowing.

Best Time To Sell Gold And Check Other Sellers

The prices of gold depend on the economy, shares, or stocks so if you are not in a hurry to sell your gold then wait for the right time to invest in gold or silver. When the gold stocks are high search gold buyers near you for example if your residence is in Delhi then find gold buyers in Delhi.

Research Selling Avenues

To get a fair price do a little research and make sure the gold buyer or dealer you want to sell your bullion is above board. You can look out on the internet for ratings and customer reviews. You can also ask your friends which is the best shop or by listening to their selling experience with a specific shop. So it is helpful for next time you decide to sell your gold or silver and saves your precious time

Document Everything And Read Policies

When you are ready to sell your gold be sure to check the policies of the where to sell gold in Gurgaon. Nowadays every buyer has their policies and you have to look whether these policies will affect your final selling price of the gold or they are just for some security purposes

Find A Transparent And Reputable Gold Buyer

Always sell gold to trusted buyers who have a license and have experience in the industry. There are many rogue gold buyers on online websites or small shops they underpay their clients and not loyal to their customers. Make sure that you will get profit after selling your gold or silver bullion.

When you are going to sell your gold or silver, the best place is to go to an old trustworthy buyer of gold. Most people choose this because it is the fastest way to sell gold or silver for quick cash. But it is not about getting the best price only, it is about how you are treated in the shop.  The employees are professional, the aura is beautiful and most important how honest they are to you when it comes to proper business. You will remember the experience of selling your gold through lifetime if that experience was astonishing.

Check Purity

Not every gold or silver items are pure. So to get maximum cash you need to check how pure your item is. If your jewellery is hallmarked then it means you can check the purity of gold from them. Like any jewellery which is 916 hallmarked is equal to 22 carats of gold and on silver jewellery, the mark is started from 800- 925 which means 90% of pure silver. You can get help from the local gold buyer to check the purity of your item. This type of hallmarked or stamped jewellery is more in demand by gold buyers then non-hallmarked jewellery.


You have to look out for this factor while selling your gold. If you are shipping your gold to the buyer,  you must pack your gold at home rather than going to a shipping facility. Packaging has to be done at home because it is much safer than any other place. Just remember that the package is your responsibility until it reaches the processing building of the potential buyer,  so anything bad happens to your package will result in great loss for you. Another thing you have to look out that when you go to a single shop multiple times to sell your gold


You have to make sure that your jewellery is clean and well-polished before selling. Silver is very prone to get affected by the environment and you have to clean it whereas gold has a very low chance of getting affected by the environment. So before selling your gold or silver item or any antique old pieces make sure you better clean them on your own or by any local jewellery shop.