Decluttering your home is a great way to find more space and feel better. But there’s only so much you can actively use, and only so much you can throw away. At some point, there’s going to be stuff you need to store. But how do you store your stuff without it being a mess? Here are a few tips.

Store Like with Like, and Label It

Gather everything you want to store, and sort it based on what goes together. Store all things kitchen-related together, or all holiday decorations, or all seasonal clothing sorted by season. Label each box as you put things in it so that you can easily find what you’re looking for later. Labeling things is a great idea to partake in, especially if you regularly lose your stuff.  There is always time to label items that are being put away. I am unsure of any other practice that will help more with this problem of losing lots of stuff.

Consider Creating an Inventory

If you want to take a little more time and effort, create inventory lists that you can tape to the top of each box that lists what’s inside the box. This will allow you to see at a glance what’s in a particular box, so that you can open only the one you need, instead of opening a bunch of them. Making an inventory is a great idea if you are forgetful and forget about what you actually have.  There is no time to lose lots of that stuff that you have in your possession. That is just a horrible idea.

Get a Self-Storage Unit

Garages, sheds, and attics are all great storage places, but if they have limited space, you could find that your storage becomes a mess, no matter what you do. A self-storage unit, such as those from I-70 Self-Storage, allows you to store things that you won’t use frequently, while not taking up space in your home. You could use the self-storage unit to hold extra furniture, seasonal clothing and decorations, and other items that you only need once or twice a year. Make sure to remember to do this sort of thing all the time, especially during the times when you can.

Use Plastic Storage Bins Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are very cheap, and often free. This makes them a great storage bin. But if you end up with a leak, or even just a lot of humidity in your storage space, these boxes can easily break down, grow mold, or otherwise create major problems. Instead, spend a little extra money to buy some plastic storage bins that will stand up to moisture and protect the items inside. As a bonus, if you purchase clear bins, you’ll also be able to see what you’ve stored in the bins, making your search for items later even easier.

Storage doesn’t have to be a hassle, nor does it have to be an unorganized mess. With a little forethought, you can create a storage plan that is easy to navigate and simple to implement. It will make your life easier later.