Find out how to store your clothes properly in self storage so that they remain in great condition for when you want to retrieve them again.


If your job involves lots of buying and selling of clothes, or you’ve decided your unused seasonal wardrobe is no longer going to take over your life, the chances are you are thinking about using a self storage facility.


Cheap self storage is an excellent way to store clothes that you do not want taking up space in your home. Or that are part of your small business.


The only catch is, that if you do not store them carefully, they may not come out of self storage in the same way they went in. Clothes are amongst the most vulnerable of items to be stored because the materials are so sensitive to a wide variety of potentially damaging conditions and factors. And you certainly don’t want them to become damp or smell musty after a period of storage – or worse to have been attacked by insects or rodents.


To help you keep your clothes in the best condition when you place them in storage, here are the top clothes storing tips from the experts ate Cambridge Self Storage:


Wash, Dry Clean Or Steam Everything

Dirty clothes may degrade in storage because of the presence of dust, perfume, cosmetics or other personal products such as deodorant. So it is important to wash them or steam them immediately before they are die to be stored. If they are of high value or made of certain delicate fabrics then you may wish to have them professionally dry cleaned as an alternative.


Ensure The Clothes Are Entirely Dry

It is so important that the clothes are completely dry before they are stored. Even the smallest amount of moisture in clothes can cause them to rot or spread mould and mildew. Even if they have been tumbled dried it is a sensible precaution to hang them in a warm place for a few hours.


Avoid Vacuum Sealing

Vacuum sealing is handy for travelling but when it comes to storage it is a bad idea. The lack of air and the tight fitting space is likely to change the shape of the clothes and damage them.


Use The Right Containers

Avoid cardboard boxes for clothes storing and instead opt for plastic containers. They are easier to stack and more likely to protect your clothes well. If you are hanging your clothes on a rail, use breathable zip up bags.


Use The Right Hangers

Be careful with the hangers that you use because some might affect the shape of the clothes you hang on them. Cloth hangers can be a good choice for hanging clothes as they provide some padding that is gentler on the clothes being hung.


Protect Your Clothes Against Pests

There are many options that you can choose to keep pests away from your clothes. Everybody has a different method, but there are plenty of tips online as to what to use. The important thing is that you do what you can to help keep pests away as they can be very destructive.


Visit Your Unit Regularly

Visiting your personal or business self storage unit regularly is important to enable you to check for potential issues with your clothing. The sooner a problem is found, the sooner you can fix it and save your clothes from damage.


The tips above are a great start to ensuring your clothes are kept in great shape in your storage unit. With the right care, your clothes will come out of the unit in the same great condition as when you put them in there.