When you think of childhood development, you may envision formal lessons in a school building or regular visits to the doctor to discuss your children’s growth. Both of these experiences play a pivotal role in your kids’ lives; however, you can also stimulate development through play. Playing allows little ones to grow in several ways.

Social Skills
Playing with other children gives kids the space to develop important social skills. For example, your kids can learn how to share with others when they are playing with toys. Children can learn how to articulate requests to their peers, stand up for themselves when necessary and build small communities. From an early age, your children can see the importance of social bonds.

Problem Solving
Your little ones can also learn how to solve problems. If you purchase children’s big building blocks or puzzles, the kids have to figure out how these pieces go together. Stocking the playroom with games is another smart strategy. Children can learn how to compete in a healthy way through board games, decks of cards and other such items.

Thinking about all of the creative toys on the market will help you to understand why playing is so important when it comes to development in this area. You can let your kids explore their own individual interests. Some children like to paint and draw, and other little ones are interested in sculpting or making jewelry out of beads. Kids can certainly develop hobbies from these creative pursuits.

Motor Skills
Playing can also help your children to develop their motor skills. Consider the precision and strength that climbing on the monkey bars or learning how to hold markers of different sizes takes. Simple toys can help your children to develop their motor skills, and you can also look into products that are specifically designed for any individual struggles your children are having.

Children can also develop their speaking skills through playing. Consider how some kids might find sitting through lessons arduous. When children are playing, however, they do not even necessarily recognize that they are working on their speech skills. Giving kids the time to interact can help with communication.

Going to school and meeting with the doctor both play important roles in your children’s development and growth. Still, though, you do not want to forget about the power of play. Learning through play is often a less stressful and more enjoyable experience for both you and your little ones.

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