Winter is a great time of year, with plenty to do and lots of happiness to be found. But, it can also be the most potent time of year for getting sick and feeling quite unwell. Which doesn’t really fit in well with the overall feeling of the season. 

With that in mind, here are a few of the ways that you can help yourself to stay healthy during the winter months. Follow these tips for healthier winters.

Drink Herbal Tea

Tea is one of the superfoods you can have during the winter to keep healthy throughout the months. Good herbal teas to support your immune system during this period include ginger tea, linden tea and chamomile tea if the Holiday Season leaves you particularly stress out. Ultimately, herbal tea won’t make you feel 100% better or give you a bullet-proof immune system. But, it can be one of the best ways for you to support your seasonal health in small ways every day. 

Keep Carbs to Minimum 

Though we may enjoy eating during the winter period, it can actually be quite bad for our health – especially the more carb-loaded foods that are being eaten. 

Eating sweet treats and more carb-filled foods may make us happy (releasing serotonin into our system), but that’s where it stops being good for us. So, forego the bad food and try to stick to healthier foods as much as possible. As this will be the biggest benefit to you and your health over the course of the winter months. 

Eat More Vegetables 

This is advice that you will hear year-round, but it is never more important than during the winter period: eat your veggies. The nutrients that you get from these green veggies can be much more beneficial at this time of year. Especially as it is a season of less, on the whole, it is important to ensure you insert as many of these beneficial nutrients as possible. 

You also want to make sure that you include plenty of healthy winter fats and sugars at this time of year. So, be sure to include squash, carrots, oranges and kale into your everyday meals to achieve this. 

Supplement Your Diet 

If you feel that your diet isn’t quite enough when it comes to supporting your health over winter, it can be important to make sure you are using a good supplement as well. 

For example, you may feel a lot better if you supplement your diet during the winter period with vitamin D. With less sun to speak of, the winter can quickly deplete your natural resources and creation when it comes to vitamin D. So, it is important to supplement this as much as possible (preferably in liquid form for better absorption). 

On the whole, you can also support your health during winter with high strength fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are natural anti-inflammatories. But, they can also be beneficial in reducing seasonal depression and making you feel better during the darker winter period. If you suffer from the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) 

Exercise Frequently 

As the Holiday Season approaches, it can be quite easy to fall out of the habit of frequent exercise. We turn to eat, keeping warm and merriment at this time of year instead. But, this is a mistake and can actually be a big detriment to your health as a whole during these colder months of the year. 

Obviously, another benefit to exercising frequently during the winter months is the fact that you will continue to enjoy the benefits as you move into summer. You also reduce the amount of stress that you put on yourself by changing your routine drastically between the times of the year. 

Final Thoughts

On the whole, there are plenty of ways that you can work to ensure your health remains in good shape during the winter months. It simply takes a little bit of discipline and making sure you know how to keep your health in tip-top shape in the colder period. Without these healthy tips, then, you would certainly lose out during this period of the year. So keep on top of it wherever possible.